DIY Infinity Box – Woodland Stories

Hello Everyone,

I am Minna Kareem. Today, I am taking you through a simple tutorial of an infinity box using Little Birdie ‘Woodland Stories’ paper pack from Itsy Bitsy.

The materials I used is 6 inch Woodland Stories paper pack.
Take two of such shapes by cutting sheets each with 2inches sides.
2 of the same…each square with 2 inches sides

Stick the shapes together as shown
Stick your favorite patterns on the rear sideĀ 


Cut a square as shown with the center square with 2 inch sides and paste it in a box shape

Fold the shape in a cube and close it using the box we created
We have completed making the infinity boss and now adorn it with the embellishments in the pack.
Here is the final look of our infinity box.

Hope you enjoyed the process…Do give it a try.

Material used: Little Birdie Printed Cardstock Pack 6″ x 6″, 12 Designs


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