DIY Hand Rolled Candles

Hello Crafters,

Priyanka Shashi here! Today I have an interesting pictorial for you for pretty hand rolled candles. I made the candles with minimal supplies from the store.

These candles are hand rolled with beeswax pallets. Beeswax is ideal for making candles where you desire a white or natural coloured finished candles.

Place a parchment paper on a flat surface.

Melt the wax in a double boiler and pour it on the parchment paper to create wax sheets in random shape.

Once the wax hardens, remove it from the parchment paper.

Repeat the process to make more wax sheets. During this process keep the wax warming up in the double boiler.

Melt the beeswax pellets again in a double boiler. Add your desired colour wax dye if you want coloured wax sheets and candles. I’ve used Little Birdie’ Apricot wax dye.

Set the wick in the aluminum pillar mould. Pour the wax and leave it to harden and repour, to fill any air vent. Release the pillar candle from mould. I made more wax sheets in Apricot coloured wax.

Place the wax sheet on parchment paper and make it little soft by heating it with a hot air gun.

Heat the pillar candle as well a bit and roll it over the wax sheet slowly to stick them together until they are firmly attached. Now its done!

The first rolled candle it ready. I embellished the candle with thin white macrame cord.

I completely hand rolled the second candle with wax sheets. First heat the wax sheet and fix the wick on one edge by pressing it a bit.

Now start rolling the wax sheet along with wick. Keep heating the wax sheet while rolling to avoid cracks in the wax sheet.

Keep rolling it until you get your desired thickness and length of the candle.

Try to shape the edges bent little out to create more dramatic look.

I tried to put non-coloured sheet on half of this candle and simply loved the two coloured effect. Have a look at it! I embellished the hand rolled beeswax candles with thin macrame cord.

Take a look at both the finished projects.

These beeswax candles smell sweet while burning and create a brighter ambience with a beautiful warm glow. Do try these simple yet attractive beeswax hand-rolled candles. The best thing is each candle will have a unique shape.

Buy all the materials used in this project on ITSYBITSY craft store online or offline. Use my code: PRIYANKASHASHI05 for extra 5% off on the online purchase of any craft materials. See you next time with new candle inspiration. Hugs, Priyanka Shashi.


Material list used in this project:

Itsy Bitsy Bees Wax Pellets- White, 250gm

Itsy Bitsy Wax Coated Wick – 7 inch

Itsy Bitsy Hard Wax Dye 10gm – Apricot

Little Birdie Cotton Twisted Cord – 3 Ply Natural, 50mtr, 1mm – Itsy Bitsy

Little Birdie Aluminium Pillar Candle Mould 4.5 x 10 cm 1Pc – Itsy Bitsy

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