DIY Christmas Wreath


Hey everyone.

Your Crafty friend Virti Mehta here. Hoping you are having an amazing and arty-crafty Christmas.

What is Christmas without Christmas decor all around you? I have decided make a beautiful tinsel wreath Advent Calendar. Though new year eve is just a few days away, lets quickly get into making it.

Firstly, we need a Christmas theme Paper pack in the size 15 cm*10 cm.

Now secure all the 3 sides with tacky tape as shown in the image below.

Now, Stick the rectangular ends of the sheet as shown in the image.

We also need to secure the cylindrical end from one side ,refer the picture for the same and insert cute Christmas decor goodies for your kids from the other end.

Now, seal the other end too in the same way, but just the opposite ends as shown in the image below. Next, make zigzag cuts at one end of the surprise packet and punch hole at the centre of the other end which be used to hang the packets.

Prepare five such packets. Use different sheets.

Here I have taken a beautiful satin ribbons and red twine hemp to hang these surprise packets onto the eye-catching silver tinsel wreath. This wreath is available in more colors like red, green and silver.

Now, add Christmas embellishments onto the ribbons and wreath as shown in the image, also Itsy Bitsy has wide range of embellishment available on the website.

Yay! Finally the project is ready! Now imagine every morning your kids or friends opens one packets everyday and gets surprised.

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Here, are all the products I have used.  

Thank you for reading!

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