DIY Art Journal Mandala and Rock Cacti Home Decor with Pearl Drops

Hi Friends,

Charu here!

This time I am back with an easy-peasy art journal page and  home decor which you and your little one will also like to create.

What is an art journal?

Art journals generally combine visual journaling and writing, to create finished pages. It can be just anything! Every imaginable style, media and technique is used by art journalists. When it comes to the types of work represented in artist journals, there really aren’t any rules, and each book is as unique as the artist who created it.

You can create an art journal full of things you like, things you are grateful for, your bucket list, places you would like to visit or may be a vision journal!

Why do artists journal?

#An art journal might be used to try new techniques, or new materials.

#A book might be used to practice working on larger or smaller expressions, or in preparation of a new series of work outside the journal.

#Some artists use their art journals as diaries, to record what happened to them that day, week, or month.

# Keeping an art journal is another way of meditation or it can be another way of de-stressing yourself.

So here I go! I have made a very easy art journal page in my Little Birdie art journal  with wonderful Little Birdie Pearl Drops.

Little Birdie’s range of Pearl Drop colours are available are wonderful products to use in mixed media, wood, greeting cards, canvas or fabric.

  • The bottles have a pointed nozzle for making 3D drops
  • Dries quickly
  • The drops retain their shapes
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • You can use  Pearl Drops on a non-stick sheet and remove after drying and  Store for later use on cards, fabric there are endless possibilities
  • Are water resistant after drying

I am using Little Birdie art journal which is perfect to create your art journal in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media etc. The pages are 100percent cold pressed and it comes in 100 pages. This journal is one of my favorite to pen down or illustrate my thoughts!

For the first step I have applied chalk paint- Charcoal  on the  entire page.

In the next step I applied mixed media paste with one of my favorite stencil on both the pages.

I loved  the way it came out!

In  the next step, I sprayed Alcohol Splash in some chosen colours on the floral designs.

You can spray colours of your choice.

Now is the fun part!. I used Little Birdie Pearl Drop colours to create drops on the petals once the previous layer was dry. Creating these little droplets with Pearl Drop colours was therapeutic indeed!

If you want big pearls apply a little pressure on the bottle and if you want small drops press the bottle gently.

I also applied my favorite metallic wax on the border of the page. I have use Rich Gold here 

I stuck some sentiments from my stash and stuck some pearls to it . I also splattered the pages with metallic gold and white.

Voila ! I am done!

Here is the view of full page !

Here is my next project:

Rock painting is a great activity both for kids and grown ups.

Recently one of my  friends visited Jammu and Kashmir and got these beautiful rocks  from a river. So I thought of giving them a new look.

Here we go,

First thing you need to do is, wash the rocks to get the dust and dirt off. Once they are clean and dry, color them with different shades of green chalk paints.


Next, add some stripes with light colours on the dark pebbles and dark shades on the light ones.

Once they dry, add Little Birdie Pearl Drops on them.

I love those shiny droplets!!

I upcycled a plastic container in which I wanted to keep my succulents. I simply painted it with Teal chalk paint. I stuck some handmade flowers on the cacti. Filled  half of the pot with decorative sand. Arranged the painted rock cactus and added more decorative sand around them to keep them stable and  filled the pot with sand till the top.

The easy-peasy rock cactus craft is all done! Now you have a plant that will never, ever die or wither away!

Hope You like this super easy DIY craft!

Thank you for stopping by

cheers Charu!

Here is the list of products I have used for these projects:

Little Birdie Art Journal -7.6×10.2inch, 220gsm, 100 pages, 1pc

Itsy Bitsy Stencil – Baroque Design, 7.3" X 9.7"


Little Birdie Metallic Wax – Rich Gold, 20ml, 1pc


Little Birdie Home Decor Chalk Paint 50ml -Marsh Green

Itsy Bitsy Handmade Flower Jewel Flowers – Blushed Nudes, 70pcs


Little Birdie Gold Alcohol Splash 50 ml – Frosted Pool

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