Decoupage Tissue Box

Good morning everyone, DT Serene here. Today I am sharing  beautiful decoupaged tissue box along with a bit of clay art as inspiration for Itsybitsy blog challenge 30.I have used filament decoupage paper for this project and the papers are so simple to work with and comes in a beautiful collection of high quality papers with crisp print.Here a few pictures of the final product. 


1.I have used a whitewashed tissue box  from Itsy Bitsy as my base. You can use a wooden tissue box base too. Apply a coat of white gesso all over the inner and outer surface and let it dry.

2.Use script stencil and apply Little Birdie grainy texture paste to one side of each surface to leave space for decoupage.

3. Using a flat brush apply a coat of Little Birdie chalk paint Indigo Rush and let it dry.

4.Once dry, using a dry flat brush apply chalk paint Buttermilk.Apply more paint in the areas where you are planning to decoupage and let it dry Lightly sand the corners and edges to give a distressed look. 

5.I used the lovely decoupage filament paper tea time bouquet for my project today.

6.Meanwhile, I removed the sliding top and used Little Birdie Thai clay to make hand sculpted flowers, leaves and a butterfly using simple sculpting tools and stuck to the top using silicon glue. Keep it aside overnight to dry completely.You can also use silicone moulds for the same.

7.Now fussy cut the decoupage paper to the required size.Paste the paper using Little Birdie Deco Magic decoupage glue – glossy and seal it with the same.

8. We will proceed with painting top part of it. I have used diluted chalk paints  lavender blush muted teal, and indigo rush.

9.For the clay flowers,paint the inner part of petal with chalkpaint indigo rush and the edges with deep sea blue. 

10.Paint the leaves with diluted chalkpaint kiwi mojito, and pineapple lolly . Highlight the viens on some leaves with indigo rush. And for the centre of flower I have multi surface paint dandelion.

11.Paint the butterfly with chalk paint charcoal and choco cookie for the body and shade with kiwi mojito, indigo rush and pineapple lolly for the wings. Let it dry.

12.I have blended the decopage background by shading with diluted wash of acrylic paints burnt sienna and sap green.

13.I have added more colour to the background on top with a wash of chalk paint lavender blush and the newly launched multi surface paint shade icy aqua, It gives a beautiful satiny finish,  is of archival quality, waterbased and can be used on a variety of surfaces like wood, ceramic, plastic, glass and does not require any coating. 

14.I have added few small pink flowers to enhance the beauty and painted the leaves with acrylic paint sap green on edges and apples a  thin coat of metallic paint golden glaze randomly.

15.Apply a coat of decor varnish  matte over the sides, and Decor varnish gloss over the clay art and over the top part.l have painted the inside of box with shade buttermilk and varnished with decor varnish matte. Once dry, our beautiful tissue box is ready to use.

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Products used 

whitewashed tissue box

Decoupage filament paper teatime bouquet


icy aqua

white gesso



Chalk paints 

Little Birdie Deco Magic decoupage glue – glossy

Little Birdie Thai clay


silicon glue

Decor varnish gloss

Matte decor varnish

metallic paint golden glaze



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