Decoupage on some unusual surfaces ..its fun :)

Hello Creative Folks,

This is Seema Sinha again with some interesting and creative decoupage projects. I am really excited to share two unique decoupage projects with you all.

A carpenter is working on some furniture at my home for the last few days. Every time he discards some unused pieces of wood or ply, I pick some of them (in fact most of them 🙂 ) for my use. Finally one day he asked me curiously” Ma’am, why do you collect these wooden scraps all the time?”

I simply replied, “You have no idea, how valuable are these shaped/uneven, rectangle or square pieces for me.:)

I think I am not alone who like collecting this kind of stuff from scrap 🙂

Yes, this time bases for my project are from my valuable collection, that I collected 🙂

Here I am starting with my first project.

Recently I have got two amazing products from Itsy-bitsy. One is Little Birdie’s Metallic Wax and the other is mixed media strips.

No wonder both of these projects have endless possibilities to work with. I thought of combining these unique products together to make a piece of art.

The first step begins with pasting the Mixed Media Strips on the wooden base with the help of Little Birdie’s Deco Magic glue.

This is how it looks after pasting the strips on the wooden base.

In the second step, I have given a coat of white gesso over the strips.

Now paste the desired decoupage tissues with Deco Magic glue.

The best thing about tissue pasting is that it can be done on any kind of surface and I am just loving that picture in the uneven surface.

Now its time to merge the edges with the background.

I have used gesso, with some touch ups of pink and yellow chalk paint.

This is the look after colour merging 🙂

I have painted side edges with black chalk paint as well as some dry brushing towards the centre of the board.

Once it dried, I used Little Birdie’s ‘Natural Glaze’ Metallic Wax with the help of the finger on the black portion to give it an antique look.

I think I was not able to capture its real beauty after putting that Metallic Wax. But that effect is just Wow! and  I am in love with that glaze effect.

I have also made some flowers with these mixed media strips as well.

Added some depth with paint and brush well, near her eyes, lips hairs etc.

And this is how I have converted unused wooden piece to a piece of art.

and it’s done!

Now about my second project.

Have you ever used Little Birdie’s Sparkling paste and crackle paste ??

If not, then you are definitely missing something very useful for your Mixed media projects.

My second decoupage project will guide you on how you can use these products beautifully.

Take a rectangle board and cover it with black chalk paint following with crackle paste with enough drying time between the coats.

You will see the crackle magic begins once it starts drying. Ahaa!! these cracks 🙂

Next, I have given a coat of Arctic shimmer sparkling paste with the help of a knife, leaving the centre portion of the wooden base for decoupage. See that shiny effect 🙂

Now put Deco magic glue to paste the tissue.

Next, I have used Little Birdie’s beautiful stencil with 2 more shades of sparkling paste.

Next, I have added some branches and cherries with paint and brush to give a complete look to the image.

Sprinkled black colour in a few areas and distressed the edges with distress ink.

and its all done 🙂

some more pictures for you all to give a clear view of the overall project.

Hope you like these projects.

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Looking forward to your amazing creations.


Seema Sinha

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Hi, I am Seema Sinha, a professional artist and a passionate crafter. I love to experiment on my work and love to use different types of art-forms in my projects. Watercolour, doodling, decoupage and mixed media are my favourites. Hope you will like my creative efforts here ☺


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