Decoupage and Reverse Decoupage on a Glass Bottle

Hello Creative folks,

I am back with another amazing creation for you all!

Want to know the tricks of how I do “Reverse Decoupage” ?

One of my favourite technique in decoupage is ‘Reverse Decoupage’. Also, you will see how I have made my own embellishments using Little Birdie Craft Cement to decorate the bottle.

List of products I have used is long. You will get to know about them as we processed and and at the end of this post.

First step starts with pasting the tissue on the bottle from the reverse side. I have used Little Birdie’s ‘Deco Magic’ glue. Make sure not to add too much of glue on the glass surface as the these tissues are delicate and can be damaged because of excessive glue.

Once it dries, apply the Little Birdie White Gesso over the tissue and on the other part of the bottle, leaving some area in the front portion of the bottle.


You can see the image of the tissue clearly from the front view. This is called the basic reverse decoupage.

Now, start pasting the tissues of your choice on top of the area where you have applied gesso. Once gesso is applied, you can use any technique on the bottle, like you can use mixed media, decoupage, or painting etc

I have done decoupage and stamping to decorate it.


I always feel that little more depth can change the overall look of the tissue. Here I have used some grey and black chalk paint with gesso to add the depth.


I have also used some available stamps to enhance the beauty.

Don’t forget to use the amazing ‘Script’ stencil in combination with Texture Paste. Once everything dries, give a touch-up of some metallic paint with the help of your fingers.


Making embellishment is the fun part of the whole process. Although it is a bit of time consuming process, I love the final outcome.

I made few embellishments using Little Birdie’s Craft Cement  and moulds.

Note: Please be patient and give enough time for the cement to dry. Also don’t forget to sprinkle water from time to time to make it hard enough (curing is important). Remember that the Cement should be completely dry before you bring them out of the mould.

Apply gesso over the embellishments.

In the next step, I have used thin cut dies from Little Birdie to make those beautiful butterflies. Distress them as per your choice of colours.

This is how I have used these butterflies and cement embellishments….


I have also added some lace on top and bottom of the bottle.

Some glitters, some sequences are also there to beautify the bottle. Don’t forget to seal the project with varnish  Little Birdie Decor Varnish.


This is the final view of the front and back of the bottle. The beauty of this project is that you get to view two different designs from front and the back. So, you can also call it a 2-in-1 decor piece…that’s fun isn’t it?


And it’s all set to adorn the corner of your home.

Hope you liked the tutorial.


Seema Sinha


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