Dancing Jellyfish in Watercolor

Hi All, Nupur here today,

Hope you all are doing good and crafting is making your life more fun and colorful.

I am here again to share with you all another page of my journal. This page is inspired by my recent scuba diving where I spotted and discovered many underwater creatures and was completely mesmerized by the beauty of Jellyfish.

Have a look at this Journal page of mine.

I used Little Birdie’s Art Journal 440 gsm and Mont Marte half pan set.

Before going further I want to share my experience with Mont Marte Half Pan set.

  • It has 24 different colors, all according to the color wheel.
  • It has three different palettes, a pen brush, sponge and a ceramic bowl …in short, it is a complete travel kit. The colors are good enough to be used for hot or cold pressed papers.

And the best part the color palette is, when arranged,  they are straight, so no fuzz while mixing the color or no tension of dripping of colors (which otherwise you will not find in many other pan sets.)

I find these colors equivalent to the professional series of any other renowned brand.

Now lets get started….

I and using my journal page which is 440gsm cold pressed paper with my Mont Marte half pan set. Trust me, this is a deadly combination and can create wonders.

I first very lightly drew my jellyfish.

I somehow love the wet on wet technique. On cold pressed paper, it creates its own kind of different texture which is lovely and unpredictable at the same time.

So, next…I wet my jelly fish one at a time.

And just added the color (Prussian blue) mixed with lot of water and put it in the wet area and allowed the color to spread itself.

Using the same technique, I added colour to all my Jellyfish.

Now to add the depth, I took Prussian blue with very less water (since its a cold pressed paper so it takes time to dry, which I am using for my advantage) and put this on the sides (color flows naturally as the paper is still wet).

Now to give more depth,  I mixed Prussian Blue with a little amount of black and to give it a permanent shine I mixed Gum Arabic as well, and added in a few areas.

Also added some other shades of blues around the  jellyfish just to make them look complete. Since its  a cold pressed paper which already has grooves in it, therefore I need not give any further texture here.

In the above picture you can clearly see the shine it has, even though my paper is completely dry at this point.

Have a closer look…..You can see the shine I got from Gum Arabic…

Now to complete my journal I wrote a quote here.

And yes we are done for now.

Please tell me how you like it.

Happy watercolor month…..and happy painting.

Materials used

And water and tissue paper of-course.


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