Curtain Band with Foam Flowers

Hi guys this is DT member Divya here with a new inspiration made with the newly launched ” Bloom Foam” sheets specially for flower making.

It is a set of 4 sheets in one pack. This amazing thin foam sheet helps us to make and shape beautiful flowers. In today’s blog I have shown you how to make a curtain band with this bloom foam sheet.

These are the amazing Ivory color ” Bloom Foam ” sheets. 

Let’s start with the project by cutting a thin strip of this sheet from which we will cut out parts of the flowers. I am using my Little Birdie Die Cut machine here to cut the flower shapes.

I have  cut 3 differently sized flowers, 2 big flowers, 3 medium flowers, 4 small flowers and 2 differently sized leaves.       here from which I have cut bigger flowers – 2 pieces , medium size – 3 pieces and small size –  4 pieces and two different size leaves.

Then I coloured the center of the flowers with Chrome Yellow archival ink, by dabbing the color in the center of each flower using a muslin cloth or sponge dabber. On top of the Chrome Yellow I used Vivid Green archival ink to add a greenish shade to it.


Next, I added Golden Color Splash on the edges of the flowers to make them shiny. For the leaves, I used Chrome Yellow, Vivid Green and Olive Green archival ink.

With the help of a hair straightener I heated the flowers a little bit and gave them a nice curved shape using round headed embossing tools . You can also use a heat gun or an iron to get the same result.

I used silicon glue to stick the flowers and the pollen.

Our flowers are ready. Shown below are the materials required for making a band. 

For making the band I have taken a piece of lace. The length is according to the thickness of my curtain when held together . Now take 2 plastic ovals and tie one to both ends of the lace. Then take 3 round disk magnets and stick them to one of the ovals and the other 3 to the other oval. After that take a satin ribbon of any color and cover the plastic ovals as shown in the picture.

The magnets will get attracted when they overlap. Attach the flowers using a glue gun.



Attach the flowers on one oval.

When you will close the band it will look something like this.

When you attach it to your curtain it will look like this. I hope you like this project and try it too.

Link to buy all the materials used in the project:

Round Disc Neodymium Magnet – Silver, 6x1mm, 30pc

Ranger Archival Ink Pad – Vivid Chartreuse, 1pc

Ranger Archival Ink Pad – Chrome Yellow, 1pc

Itsy Bitsy Color Splash 50ml – Gold Rush, 1pc

Little Birdie Bloom Foam 35cm X 30cm – Ivory White, 4 sheets


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