Cupcake Craft Flower Toppers – Try and Top That!

My mother-in-law was babysitting my little monsters on Saturday (I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old) and she sprained her back. Poor thing was in a fair amount of pain, unable to get out of bed and getting very little relief from pain killers. She also ended up missing her weekly golf game, card game and lunch with the ladies. I felt awful and really wanted to cheer her up. Cupcakes would do the trick I thought. Cupcakes combined with craft flowers – simply priceless!Β 

I got started on the project with some orange card paper from Using my super cool Magnetic Twist Trimmer and Cutting Mat, I was able to score the folds for the box and put it together in just 10 minutes.

Then I got to work on decorating the box. I have the Boutique Elements range from and the Petite Daisies. After a few permutations and combinations I figured out the arrangement that looked best and glued everything down.

It was time for the sentiment. Using some craft letters, I glued ‘S-O-O-N’ on the box. Β For the rest of the sentiment, I used some ItsyBitsy pattern paper cut with the scallop edge of the Magnetic Twist Trimmer. I added the words ‘G-E-T’ and ‘W-E-L-L’ and topped them with more flowers. This was stuck on a craft stick, ready for insertion.Β 

The cupcakes were iced and ready. I placed 6 of them in my beautiful cupcake box. I inserted the cupcake toppers and presto! We were ready to brighten up my mother-in-law’s day.

She was really touched with the box and thanked me profusely. She was doing much better so she could sit up and eat the delectable treats. Here’s a close-up of the cupcakes to give you a taste of how delicious they looked.

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

  1. Creating a craft project – Relaxing!
  2. Nibbling on Cupcakes – Rewarding!
  3. Making Someone’s day – PRICELESS!!!!


  1. This looks so beautiful and yummy!!!…no wonder your MIL was cheered i love the way you have made that box and decorated just gorgeous!!…Thanks for the Tute….this is something which i would love to try out πŸ™‚

  2. hi… very pretty adorable and YUMMY…!!!! sure the person will get well soon…:)by seeing this yummy delicious delighting work… thaks a lot sharing your work with how to …also…

  3. Sunehra this is absolutely amazing, very impressive…must have bought a smile at ur MIL's face…with that kind of a complimentary gift, anyone would baby sit for your kiddos !

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