Creative Quilled Rakhi

Hi everyone! I am Kunali and this is my first blog for Itsy Bitsy and I’m happy to share this idea with you.

Since Raksha Bandhan is approaching, I thought of showing a simple but colourful and creative Rakhi which shows us our bond with our siblings. Having a sibling is the greatest gift our parents give us. The bond that is formed is for a lifetime and keeping this in mind, I’m sharing a beautiful pattern that shows how close our siblings are to us. Do let me know if you liked this style.

Step 1: We will start with using 4 strips of 3mm dark green colour and 4 strips of 3mm yellow colour.

Step 2: Fold them in half and cut them. You’ll now have 8 strips of each colour.

Step 3: Stack them up as shown in the picture above and fold them in half.

Step 4: Once you’ve folded the strips, use the quilling tool to take the first 2 to 3 strips in the slot and start rolling the strips. Roll both the colours separately.




Step 5: Leave an inch at the end and you’ll have to apply glue to each individual strip of paper. This keeps the rolls from unfurling.

Step 6: Keep the rolls as shown in the picture and take tweezers and keep them connected in the centre and start merging them with the other hand. Roll them as shown and pinch them on the sides making an eye shape.




Stack them as shown below.

Start rolling them while holding the centres with a tweezer.

This is how it’ll look while reaching the end.

Step 7: Stick the sides where they end and apply glue to the entire shape so it doesn’t unfurl.

Shape the final roll into an eye shape.


Step 8: Trace out the shape on a piece of paper (double it) and cut it.

Step 9: Stick the ready rakhi shape on the card paper and on the other card paper, apply glue and the jute string. Stick it all together.


Step 10: Apply decorations as per your taste. I have applied a small pearl in the centre.

Et voila, your Rakhi is ready in just a few steps. Apply varnish on it. Once it’s dried and you have a beautiful and  Rakhi for your brother. You could also use this technique to make a pendant or earrings. You could also try other styles and make varied shapes and patterns as shown below.

You could also use this technique to make petals and leaves and make a similar flower as shown below.

Hope you liked this idea and give it a try. Do share your pictures tagging us once you do.

The Itsy Bitsy goodies I’ve used are mentioned below. You can click on the description and the link will take you to the Itsy Bitsy online store.

Quilling Strips Quilling Strips -

Glue ApplicatorExtra PVA Glue

Braided Jute Flat Twine

Wooden Quilling Tool

KAIS cissors

Pearl BeadsBatik Paper


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