Christmas Themed Coasters

Hello Everyone ,

Nivisha here! The most festive time of the year is here! It’s the time to spread happiness and positivity . It is also the perfect weather for some delicious hot chocolate. Thinking of hot chocolate I decided to paint some coasters in the colours of Christmas i.e. red and green. Keeping these coasters under my hot chocolate mug will give it a very festive feel.

So let’s begin!

Material required:

Little Birdie Pouring Paints colours: Cherry Tomato and Grassy Green

Little Birdie – Pouring medium

Ice cream sticks

Paper cups

MDF coasters

Before beginning, make sure you put your apron and gloves on .

STEP 1 : Mixing the Paints 

Add some red and green colour in two separate cups. Add the paint and the pouring medium in the cup in the ratio 2:1 . Make sure there are no air bubbles in the cup. If you see any, add some more paint.

Use the ice cream sticks to mix the paint .


Place inverted paper cups under the coaster to prevent damaging the surface underneath.

STEP 3 : Pouring the Paint 

Take another fresh cup and add alternate layers of red and green and fill half of the cup. Make sure you pour the paint from a certain height.

STEP 4 : Painting the Coasters

Technique used : Tree Ring Pour

Before pouring the paint on the coaster make sure you fold the cup to make its mouth narrow.

For the tree ring pour, you need to create swirls by rotating the cup while pouring the paint. Keep rotating it from the point where you started. You should see different circular layers after pouring it.

STEP 5: Spreading the Paint

Hold the coaster in your hand and tilt it in all the directions to evenly spread the paint. Finish the sides of the coaster using the leftover paint under the cup.

STEP 6 : Finishing Touch

Keep it in a dry area for at least 24 hours to let it dry. After its dried up use the “Little Birdie Varnish” to let the paint stay and prevent spoilage. You can simply put it using a flat brush.

TIP: You do not need to use any silicon oil to create cells as the pouring medium itself creates beautiful cells on the coaster.

HERE IS THE FINAL RESULT. I hope you all enjoyed.

Just look at the beautiful cells . They make the coaster look so eye catching!

You can use different shapes of coasters . I used both circle and square.


This is also a perfect gift idea for friends and family.

Have a merry Christmas everyone .


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