Chocolate Rakhis for a Special Brother

In my opinion Raksha Bandhan is one of the sweetest festivals around. Celebrating the bond between brother and sister is a wonderful thing and even though it is not my festival, I always make it a point to tie a Rakhi for my brother and brother-in-law, and I encourage my son to tie one for my daughter. This year however I thought I would do it a little differently. Since the floss that forms the rakhi is usually discarded in a couple of days, I figured I could make it a sentimental as well as satisfying experience. Enter the extremely enticing Chocolate Rakhi!
This idea came to me as I was browsing the Itsy Bitsy store trying to collect beads, thread and fillers for my handmade rakhis. I soon came upon the baking section and I found these awesome flat chocolate moulds. They were made out of plastic and available in a variety of designs. Suddenly I thought, how about making a chocolate rakhi. I quickly picked up the moulds and hurried home to get to work. 

I melted about 100 grams of cooking chocolate in the microwave and poured the batter into the moulds. As these were hardening in the freezer, I took some Paper Rope from Itsy Bitsy and cut to the appropriate Rakhi length. About 10 minutes later, the chocolates were ready. I took them out and popped them out of their moulds. Then using a drop of melted chocolate as glue, I fixed the paper rope to the chocolate rakhi. Back into the freezer it went and 10 minutes later, it was fixed nice and tight! Isn’t that great! No glue at all, the chocolate is totally edible!

Of course presentation is everything so I made some pretty gift boxes for each of the Rakhis. I chose browns and white as theme of my project was so chocolatey. I had some fabulous crochet flowers from Itsy Bitsy and they came in real handy for this project, as did the 3.5″ doily that became a really nice presentation focus for the rakhi.

What do you think about my Chocolate Rakhis? Would your brother like to receive one? Leave a comment and let me know, I’m ITCHING to hear your views!

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  1. What an absolutely ingenious Idea Sunhera ..loved your chocolate rakhi ..not only do they look beautiful they have the added advantage of being edible as well and the boxes you have made to present them in look fabulous 🙂 ..This one is amazing all the way round !

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