Celebrating World Watercolor Month with Art Journal

Hello All, Nupur here

So let me start with telling you people something about myself. I amĀ  a journal addict, when I say addict I really mean it! So, be it my flight, train or even a long drive, I always have my journal with watercolor set and some of my brushes with me.

But I hardly show my journal to anyone, its something really personal to me.

However this time I decided to share a page of my journal with you all. (Its all because of my love for Itsy Bitsy)

By the way…have you tried Little Birdie’s newly launched art journals? If not, then it’s a must for any art enthusiast. I always prefer heavy paper for my paintings and guess what Little Birdie has come up with? This journal comes in 440 gsm as well.


Have a look at my journal page before I take you through the step by step process. I have tried to make it as simple as possible.

Isn’t it cool……

Now let me show you how to go step by step ….

I first drew the rough sketch on my journal page very lightly.

The in the upper portion (for the sky) I first wet my paper and added some blue and purple (I don’t think the photo did justice here) with dark at the bottom and light on top.

Do you now, Itsy Bitsy also has the Mont Marte half pan watercolor set?

I am using the same set for making this journal page. It’s simply fab!! The watercolors (too good quality) with color plate, sponge and pen brush is just what you need. ( Will cover this Mont Marte half pan set in my next blog)

Now for the bottom portion i.e the sea, I use turquoise blue and purple and with wet-on-wet technique painted the same.

Now I used a mixture of brown and Prussian blue and black for making the island, which I drew. And with the brown and black have tried to give it a three dimensional look.

Have a closer look…

Now with the thinnest brush (I used Mont Marte liner brush) I made the tree.

Tip: If you don’t have a thin brush and if you just want to try your hand and practice, you can use your eyeliner brush.

Now quickly I finished making all my trees.

Have a closer look…for the distant trees, I used blue and just made some random lines.

Now its time to make the shadow. Remember shadows are just the mirror image of your picture. And since my shadow is on water, I chose to paint them with lighter colors then my island and trees.

A closer look of the shadows.

Initially I had plans of painting only till here but now I see lot of negative space around. So I decided to paint a tree on one side.

Now my painting looks complete!

For me my journal is incomplete without some captions, so I added two of them and here is the finished look.

And yes I am done for now!!

Its super simple and extreme fun to make. You can add your own kind of creative ideas to add more to this.

Do let me know how do you like it? And post me if you have any queries here. And also tell me if there is any specific painting topic or technique you want me to write a blog about.

Do you know… its the World Watercolor Month? So keep painting, celebrating the beautiful medium and let the world know about the importance of art and creative expressions through your paintings.

See you all soon

Happy Painting!!

Materials I used

Itsy Bitsy synthetic hair brush


Detailed and liner brush by Mont Marte

Little Birdie Art Journal (440 gsm)

Half Pan Set (watercolor) by Mont Marte

And of course water and some kitchen tissues (to clean up my brushes)


  1. Beautiful journal page. Its really amazing for me becuase I never tried my hands on water colors. Very inspiring for beginners.

  2. So calm, serene & beautiful, loved the reflection in the water too! Very inspiring post Nupur!

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