Castle Shaped Pop up Slider Card Tutorial by Dr Sonia

At ItsyBitsy we are keen to support talented and passionate crafters which is why we have introduced the Professional Crafters Club (PCC), an invitational only scheme for amazing crafters who have been supporting our store for a long time. In 2013, we want to showcase the work of these talented women and will be inviting a new PCC member each month to GD for our blog. And who better to start off with than the matriarch of Craft Blogging in India – Dr. Sonia of Cards and School Projects. Welcome aboard and over to you Sonia!
Pop up Slider castle card

Hi friends this is Dr Sonia from Card ,Crafts & Kids Projects and I am so thrilled to be Guest DT for ItsyBitsy my favorite Craft Store!! When Sunehra informed me about the theme of Weddings and Celebrations, the only celebration that I felt I could do justice to was Birthdays since at this stage in my life what we celebrate the most is my daughter’s birthday.Princesses , Castles ,Pink and Purple are in vogue with my kiddo right now and the new birthday party demand is invitation cards!

Pop up slider card

I made this pop up slider card in the shape of a castle.The central fort of the castle can be pulled up to reveal a space to write the Invitation and party details.

Castle shaped slider card

Sharing how to make a Castle Shaped Pop up Slider Card.[Click on the pictures for an enlarged detailed view]
Materials Required
This is an easy card to make which does not require any fancy tools.
Basic Supplies
Card Stock -Sturdy card stock is a must.Handmade paper will not give as neat an effect in this slider card.
Craft-knife, Scissors,Scale
Cutting mat  [or kitchen cutting board]
Double Sided Foam tape,Glue
If you want to jazz it up a bit..

Big Shot /Other Die cutting Machine
Embossing folders : I used Itsy Bitsy spots folder and Itsy Bitsy swirls.
Dies : to make the castle door [ I used Itsy Bitsy Venetian Panels die] and domes [Scallop circles]
Punches : Square
Materials Required

Measurements are not really important for this type of card but to make things easier giving approximate measurements.
You need card stock for the front, base and slider piece.For the front of the castle card…take half of an A 4 card [or 6 x 8 1/4 ]

Pop Up slider Card

Use a ruler and craft knife to cut 2 vertical lines from either edge leaving at least 1 inch from the top and bottom edge as shown.Join the 2 vertical cuts horizontally at the lower ends as shown in the slider tutorial

Pop Up slider Card

Score horizontally to join the upper ends of the vertical cuts or use a scale to fold up the flap as shown.Fold down this flap in half as shown.

Pop Up slider Card

The front of your slider card will look like this now. Take a slider piece of approx 

 8 1/4  ½ inch and fold up one edge[approx 1/2 to 3/4 inch] 
Pop Up slider Card

This step is optional: I wanted to make my slider a castle fort so chopped off rectangles 1/2 x 2 inches from the top edges as shown

Pop Up slider Card

Attach the lower folded tab of the slider to the back of the vertical cut flap as shown.

Pop Up slider Card

If you plan to emboss your card front do so before attaching the slider pieces.[ I used the Itsy Bitsy spots folder]Keep the lower part of the central vertical flap un-embossed  by keeping it outside your embossing folder as embossing tends to weaken most cardstocks and you want the central flap sturdy!

Pop Up slider Card

For  the Pop up piece can stamp, quill,draw or cut out a castle shape like I did. From a 4 x 5 inch pearl pink card stock I marked 1 inch from either edge and chopped off 1/2 x 2 inch rectangles . Further chopped off a part of the central rectangle to get my castle whatever appeals to you!

Pop Up slider Card

To further decorate your pop up whatever you fancy but dont make it too bulky or your castle wont stand up well! 

Pop up Castle

 I used the Itsy Bitsy Venetian Panels die to cut a door in my castle and then embossed it  using the Itsy Bitsy spots embossing folder.For the domes ,I die cut scallop circles , which were embossed with the Itsy Bitsy swirls.

Pop Up slider Card

The glue dots came in handy sticking the domes to the castle[ you need a bit of  patience if you use regular glue on embossed card stock!]

Pop Up slider Card

Punched out squares on a 1 inch width pearl card stock to make my castle accents which were stuck to the castle with double sided foam!

Pop Up slider Card

Stick on the castle to the front of the lower half of the central flap

Pop Up slider Card

On the back of the castle card stick double sided foam tape on the lower edge and sides as shown.Leave enough gap near the central flap so that your slider can move freely.Stick it to a same size or larger base card.

Castle shaped card
Do not stick too tightly as you need a bit of gap between your base and top card for the slider to move freely.
Castle shaped card 

I used Itsy Bitsy glitter strips generously in this card and my daughter loved the pastel shaded Boutique collection butterflies. 

Castle Shaped Card and Box

We also made Castle shaped party favor boxes to go along with our castle shaped cards.You can make the castle cards as simple or as elaborate as you want…I hope you will find this tutorial helpful.


  1. The color choice is my daughter's Indira..I am happy she got over the pink only phase!! It used to be orange at one time and we had to buy her all orange colored toys and dresses!!

  2. Thank you Poornima..squares are such awesome shapes and the punch has so many possibilities..I think Itsy Bitsy has a new type of square punch to punch foam too…on my next wish list!

  3. wow ,this is really from fairy land”a castle from fairy land”.will definately try on tute , hwen i will get time.hats off you doc.and love you.

  4. Wow….Doc.Such a great pop up card. Whoz best than u to feature the pop up card…Please do think abt what i ask u always…Ebook for pop up cards, Doc..

  5. Bipasha thank you very much..once I figured out the measurements it was super easy to do in fact in one evening we whipped up 5 of these[not all embellished] for my kiddo's friends.The key is that one doesnt have to waste time in gluing if you use foam tape!

  6. My Grand Niece is gonna be 3 this month and she's into princess' and all that stuff. This is exactly what I'm looking for to make for her card this year. Thanks for the info 🙂

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