Buddha Home Decor – Image Transfer

Hi crafters, DT member Nandhini Vasandan here.

I am here with a beautiful home decor using image transfer technique. Hope you all like it.

Here is the step by step process about how I used different mediums to create this wonderful art piece.

First, I have taken a MDF board and primed it with white gesso.

Then, I have taken a laser print of the desired image. Next comes the interesting part of image transferring using Little Birdie Instant Image Transfer Gel.

Apply the image transfer gel over the primed surface and paste the image upside down. Press the paper properly to ensure that the printed picture is pasted onto the MDF Board and there are  no air bubbles trapped inside.

Wait for five to ten minutes. Use  wet fingers to slowly rub away the layers of paper from the board. While doing this, ensure you do it very gently by rubbing your finger in a circular motion. Make sure you do not peel off the image and only  the paper is removed. Patience is the key here to get the desired results.

Once all the paper is removed from the surface and only the image is left on the board… Your image transfer is complete! Seal the image with Little Birdie  Deco Magic Glue.

To give my project a complete look, I used chalk paints Kiwi Mojito, Mango Crush and Bubble Gum to colour the surrounding areas on the board. I blended them to go well with the image.

Then used stencils, multi-surface paints and mixed media paste to create some textures. I have applied varnish all over the surface.

I have added bamboo chipboard and coloured it using Kiwi Mojito and pasted it. Then I have added beautiful handmade flowers.

Using 3D Pearl Drops, I added a dripping effect. Then I applied tinted metallic paints – Poppy Red and Golden Glaze over the edges and also in  random places, using my fingers. And the beautiful wall decor is ready!

Here are some of the pictures of the project.

Thankyou for stopping by. Will be back with another exciting project soon.


Nandhini Vasandan

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