Brand Ambassador call 2021- 2022

It’s that time of the year again! We’re accepting applications for our Brand Ambassador Team for 2021 – 2022!

This is a 6 month contract beginning from August 2021. We are looking for creative individuals who are passionate about our brand, love to explore and design out-of-the box creations. If you are eager to learn new things, take on the challenge of promoting our products, and want to inspire thousands of craft enthusiasts, we want you in our team.

Itsy Bitsy is the most loved and no. 1 Hobby, Arts & Crafts store in India & currently has 37 brick & mortar stores & a very user friendly e-commerce site. Itsy Bitsy started out 14 years ago & can proudly say it brought Arts & Crafts into modern retailing in India!
Itsy Bitsy is the only Indian craft business that manufactures, retails & E-tails!
Having said that, Itsy Bitsy is not just in the business that sells art and craft supplies but focuses on creating an ecosystem that empowers rural women by providing mass rural employment. The extremely creative company has an ambitious plan to design & manufacture more & more craft supplies under its label “Little Birdie” in order to provide, grow & sustain employment & empower rural women in India.

Why Should You  Join this Prestigious Team?

If you love trying out new products in innovative ways and turn them into attractive projects then this is for you.

•    You get freedom of expression and a chance to explore a wide variety of craft materials.
•    If you are looking for a popular platform to take your ideas to the world then this is a golden opportunity.
•    If you are eager to become popular among the Indian craft community this is your stage.
•    If you always wanted to work with India’s leading craft brand, this is your best opportunity.

Your Benefits:

1) You will receive an attractive art/craft supplies kit based on your chosen category.
2) You will be among the privileged individuals to get the first access to our new products.
3) You will get the first priority to conducted IB workshops.
4) You will get recognition on IB social media platforms along with a Brand Ambassador badge.
5) Brand Ambassadors get the opportunity to register under Itsy Bitsy Affiliate Scheme. The unique code assigned to you can be used for promotions and to earn additional remunerations. IB Brand Ambassador gets a commission pay-out of the total purchase made using their code as per the below mentioned slab:

Up to 50,000 (Purchase made by your followers using your unique code )         –  5%
50,001 – 1,00,000 (Purchase made by your followers using your unique code ) –  10%
1,00,001 and above  (Purchase made by your followers using your unique code )   –  15%

  • What Do We Expect?1) 1 YouTube video every month
    2) 1 Instagram Reel every month
    3) 1 Post for Instagram/Facebook every month (Itsy Bitsy holds the final decision making rights)
    4) 1 Live on the Ambassador’s account which has the highest followers or on Itsy Bitsy’s account every month. (Itsy Bitsy holds the final decision making rights)
    5) Itsy Bitsy announcements/posts to be shared on personal social media handles.
    6) Promotion, re-share, and encourage sale of new products on personal social media handles and associated groups on a ongoing basis.
    7) Active participation in, and promotion of activities conducted by Itsy Bitsy.
    8) Review new products in particular categories assigned to you and share feedback on time.
    9) Encourage, repost, and share posts of other brand ambassadors for ‘New’ product Launch.
    10) Answer questions, and clarify doubts about various products that belong to the categories assigned to you.Simple Rules to Follow:1) IB Brand Ambassadors are not permitted to work with other Indian Brands during the contract period.
    2) Brand Ambassadors are expected to respond to product related queries.
    3) Brand Ambassadors are expected to proudly display their Itsy Bitsy badge on all social media handles.
    4) As a Brand Ambassador you are expected to promote the name of Itsy Bitsy at all available opportunities.
    5) We expect your projects to be unique, attractive, and follow the latest craft trends.
    6) Project photography and videography is expected to be of high quality.
    7) As a Brand Ambassador we expect your active participation in all major activities conducted by Itsy Bitsy.

    How to Apply:

  • If you are interested in joining the creative team, you must post your creations with #itsybitsyBAcall2021 on Facebook and Instagram and fill the Google form.
  • Kindly fill your details here:
  • Please make sure your creative project is related to the craft category for which you are applying.
  • You should submit your project with #itsybitsyBAcall2021
  • However it is not necessary to use our products (It would be much appreciated if you do so).
  • Thereafter, we will select the final Team of Brand Ambassadors.

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