Beautiful Roses – Sculpture painting

Hello Art lovers!  Shweta Singh here!Welcome back to my blog. Know the techniques and materials I used to create this art piece. Sculpture painting is a beautiful art for which I used Little Birdie sculpture paste, one of the finest pastes.


I took a wooden plank from the store and prepared the base by spreading and blending Sage Green, Pineapple Swirl, Snow White sculpture pastes with palette knife .




Now, I spread the Pineapple Swirl paste on a piece of glass and started picking it up with a pallet knife gradually. I made two roses and a bud. Gave some shading by mixing Snow White paste. Gave a dot effect on the edges.





Next, I painted the stems and started making leaves with Sage Green sculpture paste. I followed the same procedure with my palette knife.





In the end I took a sentiment chipboard that was already primed. I applied Copper Blaze metallic wax over it and pasted it on top.


Materials I used:

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