Beautiful Cotton Bag with Instant Image Transfer Gel

Hello creative folks,

Seema here today!  Hope you all are having a great time with your creative work.  I am here again with another creative inspiration with Instant Image Transfer Gel.

As I always say, Instant Transfer Gel medium is magical. Why??? Because it gives you instant and super amazing results on almost any surface, be it wood, be it fabric, or a glass base.

I have a project to share with you –  a cotton bag.

Here you go with the step by step tutorial … Hope you will like this!

Here are the pictures of the products I am going to use to make this amazing  bag. There are many more products that you will see me using on the run time.

I have used my own watercolour artwork that I made recently. Best part of using original watercolour is that the final transferred image will be really bright and it won’t need any touch ups.

Tip: It’s true that you can use laser prints for images transfer. But high resolution picture will always give you better results. Too much stretching of a image from the internet will make its print quality poor. So if you are planning to transfer any image from the internet, please make sure that it has good resolution.

And now back to the tutorial…

In the first step, I have put a card board inside the bag so that the rear side of the bag  does not get any stains of colours or glue.

Next, primed the base with white gesso along with some touch-ups of chalk paints here and there (to add some random colours to the bag). You can use your sponge tool in the circular motion to mix the colours with gesso. Its important to prime it with gesso to work further. To start with, I have selected a small portion of a bag to coat . Let it dry properly before moving onto the next step.


Now, put enough amount of Little Birdie’s Instant Image Transfer Gel Medium on the bag.

Place the picture on the gel coated area in an up side down position. Press it gently with your hands.


Wondering what’s that doodle on the rear side?? Please ignore it….it was something I did just to kill time.

Forgot to mention that I made this drawing on 250 Gsm paper. So its quite thick to work with. Therefore I had to push it little harder to make sure that it has pasted properly. Let it dry for 10 to 20 minutes depending on your room temperature.

Now comes the most amazing part of the process….Sprinkle water on the paper and start rubbing gently with your fingers. And the magic begins…

Please be very careful while removing the layers. It took me almost 25 minutes to remove the top layer because of the thickness of the paper.

Doesn’t it look amazing ?? When this step is done… Allow it to dry.

Now seal the transferred image with the Little Birdie’s Deco Magic Glue. Oops!!! my signature on the artwork has come upside down. Make sure if there is text you want to transfer, you will need to write it in reverse order for the text to appear in the correct order after the photo transfer.

Let it dry and see the result..isn’t it cool ?

You can say this bag looks complete, but its a big bag you know and there’s a lot of space that is demanding some more work. So I have decided to do some decoupage on rest of the area.

I have repeated the step 1 here and primed the entire bag with Little Birdie’s white gesso with small touch-ups of chalk pants.

This is how I have merged the center transferred image with the background.

In the next step, I took beautiful decoupage napkin prints to beautify  this bag further. This is how I have planned the layout.

Now I put some Deco Magic Glue on the desired spaces and started pasting the tissues. I am not focusing on the decoupage napkin pasting here, however please feel free to ask if there is any query.

Make sure to use iron-on technique whenever you do fabric decoupage. To do this, put a baking paper or butter paper over the decoupaged area and run a hot iron (with cotton setting) over the butter paper.

Fairy without her friends doesn’t look natural. Therefore I have decided to add some butterflies to the bag.

And here comes another beautiful paper from the store.

Ah Ha! this bag is almost done.

Adding some script with a stencil and the metallic paints.

In the last step, I have given 2 to 3 coat of little Birdies Decor Varnish to seal the overall artwork.

Tadddaa!! and this is how my Fairy has got her permanent place to live.


Hope you enjoyed the whole process. Please do leave some love if you like this  blog!

Seema Sinha

Here is the list of Product I have used in the project.








By seemasinha

Hi, I am Seema Sinha, a professional artist and a passionate crafter. I love to experiment on my work and love to use different types of art-forms in my projects. Watercolour, doodling, decoupage and mixed media are my favourites. Hope you will like my creative efforts here ☺


  1. It’s Beautiful!! Thank you for the tutorial.. You have made it so easy, I meant the instructions are so easy to follow!! Thanks..
    The bag looks wonderful! Lots of love!

  2. Its amazing.. Thanks for dis wonderful blog. Will definitely try this. Can u plz share some minute details of decoupage as when i tried on a terracotta vase it didn’t come out b nicely

  3. A detailed tutorial and a beautiful bag. I have a query you have primed the bag with gesso you said but does that not make the bag stiff n and make the bag loose it’s fall and cloth properties
    Thank you

    1. Thanks Swathi,
      Yes!! your bag will get stiff a little if you use gesso. But that even happens if you do decoupage or fabric painting.Keeping a bag with so many folds can leave the permanent impression of the fold on the bag. To avoid this don’t fold it, in-fact roll it and it will never get any impression:)
      Hope this information is helpful to you.

  4. Hi Seema,
    Lovely bag and very detailed tutorial!! Thanks for sharing.. just one query can we use spray varnish on fabric to seal the design ?

    1. Hi Nupur,
      Thanks a lot 🙂 no dear you cannot use spray varnish to seal the design.spray Varnish are good to seal the painting and all. Not for the washable stuffs.

  5. Beautiful bag and an awesome tutorial, one ques, you decoupaged or image transferred the Butterflies in the last step ?

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