Beachside- Watercolor Painting

Hi All,

Nupur here today with another painting of mine, have a look at the painting below.

Did you observe the tiny clouds, sea water changing its shades, the merger of sand and water on the shore, trees and all those small elements?

So lets get started….

I first drew the sketch of few basic elements I needed in my painting, on my Mont Marte 190gsm A-3 size paper (190gsm is fine if you are planning to have 3-4 layers of watercolor)

Now I started with the sky, I first pre-wet my paper from above till the horizon line , then I added Ultra Marine Blue with very small amount of grey gently, and when my paper was still wet I used tissue paper to make the clouds.

Then for the sea, I again pre-wet my paper but this time below the horizon line, and added ultra marine blue and turquoise blue. At the bottom most part, I added little golden yellow (turquoise blue+ little golden yellow makes turquoise green).

As you can see above…. since my sky was not completely dry when I made the water, the color mixed and I didn’t get the proper horizon line, but that’s fine… I can fix that later.

Now, for the sand I added burnt sienna and Chinese  white and just colored the area. With the help of a fan brush I made some random trees with golden yellow.

Now, for adding details to the trees I once  again used a fan brush and filled it with sap green and a mixture of sap green and burnt sienna. I also made hut at this time .

Now time for some finishing touch, I fixed my horizon line. Tried to add the colours of sand in water so that I get the effect of water flowing over the sand. Darkened and brighten the trees.

Finally I added my signature and it was done!!

Hope you all like it. Please keep me posted if you have any queries and do tell me how you like it.

Can you believe that this painting was done in just about 15-20 minutes…

Its super easy, you just need to get hands on with the brushes mainly fan brush and need to get the color combinations right!

Things I used:

1) Mont Marte watercolor book (A-3)

2) Mont Marte Half Pan set (This has a color palette as well in it )

3) Brushes- This brush set from Mont Marte has almost all kinds of brushes you need, though this is an acrylic brush set but can be used fpr watercolor as well. The best part is, you get the fan brush along with it, which is very useful for making palm trees and grasses.

And of-course I used tissue paper, water and pencil(HB).

Hope you are inspired to try out some water colour paintings!




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