Be Your Own Sunshine – Mixed Media Canvas | Embroidery Hoop

Hey guys,

This is Mukta here and today I have  a mixed media canvas for you…….but with a twist! It is on an embroidery hoop. I have a few embroidery hoops with me as my mother in law used to do some embroidery work. Now she has no use for them and gave them to me. On the same day, there was bright sunshine after many rainy days and it inspired me to create something on this embroidery hoop. This is what I came up with. Have a look below!

The flower pots on my window sill are always buzzing with butterflies, birds and bees…a few caterpillars also blossomed into beautiful butterflies this week. So my garden is my inspiration along with the sunshine for making this canvas. I find inspiration everywhere and this time it was right on my window sill.

The hoop is 10″ in diameter and it is actually a large surface for a mixed media layout. So, I chose big flowers and a big embellishment to cover more area and at the same time make it look pretty. I love making shabby chic projects and for this particular one, I actually didn’t put much effort to make it shabby…it all just came through on its own!!


I have a video tutorial showing you how I created this piece of art piece. I encourage you all to watch it if you are interested in knowing how I made this.

Here are more pictures of my artwork…hope you all like it.


Hope you will try out something similar!



List of supplies used.



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