Antique Door in a Fairy Garden

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Ashwini here!

I am fascinated with fairy gardens and antique creations is my craze. I have mixed both my favourites to create this beautiful concept. Will be showing you the procedure of creating an antique door in a fairy garden in a step by step process.

Let’s get started.

Step 1:

I have taken a MDF board measuring 10″ by 10″. i have cut down the chipboard in a door pattern in the form of strips and stuck them on the MDF board.



Step 2:

I have coloured the chipboard with white chalk paint.


Step 3:

Next, i applied mixed media paste using a  palette knife through the brick stencil to give it a brick like look and texture. Added half pearls on the door using heavy gel medium.


Step 4:

Gave a good coat of black gesso to cover the entire surface and waited for it to dry completely.


Step 5:

Now using a dry brush, applied white chalk paint on the brick surface, leaving the door behind. The door was painted with red, brown  and grey chalk paints. After it dried completely, I have applied antique wax on the door to give it a golden antique finish. Adhered a charm on the door from my stash.


Step 6:

I have taken another MDF board 10″ by 10″ and applied black chalk paint. Later applied one step crackle medium and then applied white chalk paint. The cracks were really nice. Now, I adhered the previous board on this board at one of the edges.


Step 7:

Added faux moss all over and decorated the garden with flowers, succulents, glass bottle natural wood, wooden discs, fence and paper napkin roll.


Some Random pics:

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Do give a try!



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