Antique Decoupage Box

Hello All, Welcome to another tutorial. Today, we are going to make an exquisite antique decoupage box for the Valentine’s Day. This decoupaged boxmakes a perfect gift box for your loved ones.  It is easy to do with limited supplies. Decoupage involves applying paper cut-outs to the surface of any item and then applying coats of mod podge/decoupage glue to get the perfect look.

Materials Required: 

Decoupage Paper – Vintage Theme
Handmade Flowers – Color of your choice
Wooden Blank
Modelling Paste
Mod Podge Satin Glue
Pigment Ink Pad

Plastic Half Pearl- 8mm
Paint brush
Any stencil

Step 1: Take an wooden blank and note the measurements of all sides. Take a decoupage paper and cut it as per the measurements 
Step 2: Cut the decoupage paper as shown to match the measurement of the box.
Step 3: Apply Modge Podge all over the wooden blank.
Step 4: Place the cut decoupage paper on the wooden blank and cover it 
Step 5: Using Pigment ink, shade the box edges to add an
antique finish.
Step 5: Paint the entire box with Modge Podge. This gives shine and 
strength to the decoupage paper.
Step 6: Take any stencil and modelling paste to paint over the box
Step 7: Place the stencil on the box and apply modelling paste liberally on 
it with the help of a paint brush
Step 8: The finished work will look like this
Step 9: Embellish the box with half pearls and flowers

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by making and gifting these boxes filled with goodies to your loved ones. They are sure to entice your loved ones <3 <3 Let us know what you thought if this blog. Happy Crafting.
Link to Supplies:
Decoupage Paper – Vintage Theme IBPP27188 –

Flowers –

Wooden Blank –

Modelling Paste – MMAR23790
Modge Podge Satin Glue –

Pigment Ink Pad – IBSP20564

Plastic Half Pearl- 8mm- IBSC62732

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