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Hi everyone,

DT member Serene here today with my inspirational post using Little Birdie Archival multi-surface paints. I am so excited to announce this month’s blog challenge i.e. Itsy Bitsy Blog Challenge #31 Anything goes with Multi-surface paints. To join the challenge, you  can choose any 1 or more of Little Birdie multi-surface paints and make anything to show your creativity.

Kindly go through the guidelines to participate in the

Itsy Bitsy Blog Challenge#31- “Anything Goes With Multi-surface paints”

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  • Entries can be submitted until 18th November , 2020
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  • Only projects posted during the valid challenge period are eligible. Backlinks or old projects are not allowed. Please link the creations posted only after our challenge has gone live.
  • Entries are welcome from all over the world. However, if you are the winner, we can only ship your prize to an Indian address.
  • If you don’t have a blog and want to add your creation on Facebook, please upload it on our FB group Itsy Bitsy Crafter’s Cafe with the hashtag – #itsybitsyblog challenge31 and add the link here.
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  • The top 2 entries will be selected by the DT. Each winner will receive a voucher of Rs.500, redeemable online at
  • For participating in the Challenge you have time from 15th October , 2020  to 18th November , 2020.

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Archival Multi-surface paints

  • Premium water based, acid free, non-toxic, multi-surface paints.
  • Satin finish with great coverage.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Can be used on various surfaces including paper, clay, glass, metal, plastic, terracotta, ceramic etc.
  • Self sealing, requires no primer or varnish

Now let’s start with the project for today. Here are few  pics of the upcycled garden table I designed.


1. Clean the table thoroughly, mine was dusty and was covered in mould. I wiped it with a dry cloth initially then I wiped it down with a slightly damp cloth removing all the mould and let it dry in the sun for a day.

2. Once dry, I sanded the top and sides of the table with a sandpaper preserving the graining of the wood.

3. For today’s project these are the shades of archival multi-surface paints that I have used. They are so versatile that they can be used on many surfaces from wood, ceramics, glass, paper, metal and more.

4. I painted the upper part of the table legs with shade Raspberry using a flat brush.

4.Next, I painted the lower one third with the shade Icy Aqua leaving a space of around 3 cm between the 2 shades, and allowed it to dry completely. Thereafter, I used the shade Dandelion for the area between 2 shades. Once dry, I outlined the border of the Dandelion shade with Black Pearl using a 0 size paint brush.

5. I painted the underside of table with Black Pearl shade.

6.Mixed the shades Dandelion with a few drops of Icy Aqua to get a lovely green colour. Applied the green as shown. Dry brushed with the shade Dandelion over the edges.

7. I used a white rag and wood stain Pine Green over the outer planks and Indigo Wave over the inner planks and let the colours dry.

8.Used the stencil Floral Vine with multi-surface paint Daisy Petal  and a stencil brush. I taped the stencil in place with masking tape.

9. Used very little amount of undiluted paint on the brush and stenciled the design.

10. Applied one more coat of the wood stain to deepen the stain.

11. Once dry, I applied 2 coats of Decor Varnish – gloss with a drying time of 1 to 2 hours in between each coat. Look at the beautiful glossy effect on the table once varnished.

12.I have used the stencil  Live life in full bloom with shade Daisy Petal. I taped off the floral design on the stencil using a masking tape as I wanted only the script.

13. I used liquid Chalk Window Marker – white  to draw a design that I wanted.

14. Painted inside the lining with a thin diluted coat of Daisy Petal and let it dry.

15. Painted the sunflower with Dandelion yellow, and painted the edges with light yellow mixed with Daisy White.

16. Painted the leaves with a light green shade made by mixing Dandelion and Icy Aqua. Multi-surface paints blend really well and I enjoyed creating new colours by mixing the shades. Highlighted with Dandelion yellow and Ivy Garden.

17. Painted the small flowers with light blue colour (Icy Aqua +Daisy Petal). The strawberries were painted with the shade – Raspberry.

18.I have painted the bell like flowers by mixing Icy aqua and raspberry with a tinge of Daisy Petal. 

19.I have painted the centre of the sunflower with Black Pearl and dotted the centre with green. I have outlined the sunflower with an orange shade made by mixing Dandelion with a few drops of Raspberry. I have painted the centre of the strawberry blossoms with Dandelion and gave one more coat of Daisy White for the flowers. Using a 0 size brush I have added few dots on the strawberries using shade Black Pearl.

20. I have applied Decor Varnish gloss over the legs of the table and let them dry as it’s a folding table and there is constant friction. I have left the table top without varnishing over the flowers as multi-surface paints are self sealing. Now the beautiful table is ready for my garden. I hope you will also give a makeover to yours!

Few other projects done using multi-surface paints on various surfaces.

Done on a glass bottle

On mini terracotta pot

Wall decor on MDF board

Painting on ceramic plate

I Hope you like this project and  will create something unique with your own creative skills. Do participate in the Blog Challenge #31 and share your creative projects with us. Happy crafting!

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Products used

Multisurface paints

Wood stain Indigo wave

Wood stain pine green 


Flat brush no 12

Stencil brush

Live life in full bloom

Floral vine

Decor varnish gloss

Masking tape


Liquid Chalk Window Marker – White


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