Altered Mixed Media Luminaries Ruchi Gupta

Hello crafters, its Ruchi here again!!

Hope you all had a great Diwali. Festivities are time to catch up with your friends and family and as Diwali ushers in New year, it is time to restart and renew your life and home. We all clean up our houses and bring in new stuff around this festival. Similarly, I too accumulated loads of stuff that were ready to be disposed off. But being a crafter throwing stuff always is a painful process and I invariably try ‘best out of waste’ projects from them. So today I am sharing with you another project which uses old discarded lamp shades as my base. Hope you like it.



 As Diwali is a festival of  lights, I decided to use my old glass shades to transform them into luminaries. I have used Tinted Metallic paints launched by Little Birdie, Itsy Bitsy’s own brand,  to alter my project. Tinted metallic paints are really good and I would like to list out the advantages:
1. Works well on all kind of surfaces.

2. Has extremely good luster which can be achieved with very little paint thus saving on paint .

3. Very smooth to work with and the thick consistency is perfect for mixed media application.

To begin with, I have used some burlap, tissue paper, lace and chipboard scraps which I have pasted on the shades to give texture.






Next step was to create some focal elements giving 3D look to the project. For this I used old CD’s, glass beads, resin embellishment, metal wing, keys, small beads, paper/foam flowers etc. You can use whatever comes to your mind. I have pasted all my elements with silicon glue and PVA glue from Itsy Bitsy and left the project to dry for 12 hours. Upon drying, I have given a thorough coat of Mont Marte black Gesso.






 Now it was time to start coloring the project. My color choices were to use Tinted metallic paints, color splash sprays which are also from the store. Please see the links at the bottom for the products used .




The finished project looks this way…




Products Used from Itsy Bitsy:

1.Tinted metallic paint

2.Tinted metallic paint

3.Color Splash spray

4.Mont marte black gesso

5.Silicon glue

Thanks for viewing and hope to share more in times ahead…..happy crafting folks!!

Thanks and regards,




  1. Hey Ruchi….This is simply amazing. I loved the alter process also…….I know how difficult it is to stop and take pictures every step and I really appreciate it.

    1. Thanks dear..yes stopping in between to take pics kind of derails my thought process..happy to know someone understands!!!???love

  2. It was indeed a pleasure to see a crafter at work. Clicking pics along the process. When ideas run riot yet thinking of sharing the beautiful piece very effectively. T

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