Altered Mixed Media Box with Little Birdie’s New Products

Hello everyone, Pooja here!! Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a Monday inspiration!

This time I tried out some of Little Birdie’s new products in my project and would like to share a few things with you about them. Itsy Bitsy’s own brand has come up with some amazing mixed media supplies and let’s have a look at them before I begin with my project.

1. Mixed Media Stones

These are unpolished and unfinished small natural stones that’s light in weight.They can be painted/sprayed with any colours. They can be adhered with Little Birdie texture track, Silicon glue and Gel medium.

You can also mix these with gesso/ 2 in 1 Mixed Media Paste and apply to  your projects for some extra texture.

2. Grainy Texture Paste

I found this product extremely versatile,  it is ideal for layering and creating 3D dimensional effects. It has tiny sand particles in it, so it gives your projects extra texture and great look if you dry brush it or use with a palette knife on your projects. It comes in a wide mouth jar, making it easy to use. It can be coloured with any type colours like acrylic, inks and more.

Tip :- Mix Texture Sand and Grainy Paste together and mix colors of shades in it like dark brown, yellow, green and you can create your own rusty pastes.

3. Texture Sand:-

Completely natural fine, non toxic sand, great for mixed media and one of the must have products in your stash! Great for adding ultra fine texture to your projects. Directly add to the base of your choice or mix with acrylic paints, gesso or artists gel medium s and apply to the surface with a texture tool, knife, brush or sponge. It’s gives your project a raised effect. You can  sprinkle it on the wet surface of your project or sprinkle on flowers to make them look more beautiful.

It’s comes in a 80gm jar at a very reasonable price

4. Gel Mediums:- They come in Matte and Gloss

When gel medium is mixed with acrylic paints it alters the texture and gives colours an extra flow and extends the volume. For thinner paints it adds body to the colours.

Can also be used as an adhesive and dries clear.

5. Crystal Drops :- These transparent, faux crystal drops are great for mixed media and altered projects. Can be used in multiple ways in shaker cards, for creating ice crystal effect and more.

To stick them you can use Little Birdie texture track, gel mediums or sillicon glue.

In my next post I will share about some other new releases.

Now it’s time to share my project with the above mentioned products. This project of mine includes various new releases so you can get an idea about their uses. I am extremely excited to take you through this project!!

Let’s begin ….


  1. I did some stencil work with 2 in 1 Mixed Media Paste on the lid of a small old box. Pasted some natives of chipboard first.

2. I pasted some old pieces from a toy, Little Birdie wing chipboard, heart shape and other little things to built some dimensional layers.

3. Applied  Grainy Paste after applying gesso. I sprinkled Texture Sand randomly when grainy paste was still wet.

4. Adhered Mixed Media Texture Sand and Texture Stones with gel medium  where I wanted them in my project. It helped me to add extra texture and increased the beauty of your project.

After everything was dry, I used Mont Marte  2 Season acrylic paints for my base. I mixed green with black to create a dark  tone of green, after that I used layers of colours to make it lighter. Used a  tone of brown, yellow, white and green to make it lighter.

To give it  a little shine, I used Lime Crush Tinted Metallic paint and Tawny Glint with a light hand on top of it.

Used glitters, small beads, shiny stones to make it more beautiful

Here are some more pics of the final project

I hope you find my post interesting and useful. Stay tuned for more inspirational posts



Supplies used

Two in one mixed media paste white

Mixed media stones

Mixed media texture sand

Grainy paste

Soft Gel Mediums

Chipboard angel wings

Thermocol half heart shape

Two seasons Mont marte acrylic paint set

Hearty me lange golden heart

Bottle caps

Crystal drops

Rainbow sparkle glazed

Matellic paint lime crush

Tinted Matellic paints tawny glint














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