Spooky Altered Mask – Mixed Media

Hello all,

This is Bela here! Today,  I have  an altered mask for you. Yes its kind of spooky! Totally out of my comfort zone but I gave it a try because I wanted to explore something new!!

I had bought this mask from a fair long time ago and it was lying somewhere in my stash. I took it out few days ago so that I could work on it.

I have made a video tutorial for the same. Hope you enjoy the process.

Here’s the step by step Instructions….

I added texture to the whole mask with tissue paper. I used Little Birdie Deco Magic glue to adhere the tissue in such a way that it had wrinkles so as to give added texture to my mask.

Primed the whole thing with black gesso and dried it completely. Embellished the sides of the mask with some steampunk, wooden and metal embellishments. On the left, I kept it heavier than the right.

Also added die cuts on the forehead and some parts of the face – near the eyes, on the left side of face, and near the chin. Once I was happy with the compilation I covered everything in black gesso again.

Now it was time to add colours. I chose metallic. I started dry brushing various tones of green, blue and purple and pink. Also added a touch of gold and bronze to it.

Then my mask was ready. I somehow wanted to convert it into a decorative wall piece. Only a mask could do that but I added a panel behind it and also a beautiful fan for an added decorative value.

For that I took 3 layers of 8 mm MDF ring with the width of 1.5 inch. Stuck it on a 2 mm MDF 12 inch board. I needed the depth where my mask will fit. I primed the base rings with gesso .

Kept the ring plain black so my mask and the fan becomes the focal points. After priming the fan with black gesso, I just colored the folding strips with all the colors I have used for this project.

I have also added a bulb by making a small hole on the rear side of the panel base. At night this can serve as a night lamp.

I hope you like the project which is very different than my normal style….

Few Pictures:-

With light inside it….

Here’s the video link:

Thank you so much for stopping by…..

Love & Hugs



List of the products used:

Black Gesso





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