Altered Art: Antique Sculpture with Craft Cement

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It’s Seema once again!

I have a habit of keeping each and every of my broken or ruined creations until they don’t get a new life. My newspaper doll has waited for 5 years to get a new life. Yes! her neck was broken by my daughter. Craft Cement from Itsy  Bitsy has come as a life saviour for her.

Enjoy the step by step instructions to alter any of your old stuff and to turn it into a piece of sculpture. You really don’t need to make a newspaper doll to make this. This tutorial is just an idea how you can use this amazing Craft Cement to make best out of waste.

In the first step I have added some texture paste with the help of a palette knife around her neck to give stability to her neck. That newspaper neck is very weak to hold the craft cement. So, I allowed it to dry properly.

Next, I took craft cement in a mixing bowl and added water to make a thick paste. We need a thick paste to make her overall body structure.


Now, let’s start adding this paste to her entire body with help of a palette Knife.

I have added little more extra cement to her face to give it a proper shape.


Now, I took some more cement in the mixing bowl and add water to it. This time the paste should be little thin in consistency. Added some strips of cheese cloth to the cement and started making the falls of her dress.


When you try making something like this, let it dry for at least 12 hours. Make sure to sprinkle water on the cemented area at least 2 to 3 times so that the cement gets solid enough to work further.

I have given some detailing to the face with the help of sculpture tools.


And the major work is done! This is how it looks after drying. I am loving it!!

Next, brushed the black gesso all over it.



Now the decoration part starts. I am a big fan of Itsy Bitsy’s Metallic Paints and I have used dry brush technique to add these paints.



Isn’t it looking like an antique piece?

It’s time to add some butterflies and glitters.

I cut these  beautiful butterflies with the help of Little Birdie thin cut dies which is Itsy Bitsy’s home brand. I have used Alcohol sprays to colour these.

With these I have decorated her dress. I have again used metallic paints, sprays,  and my all time favourite glitters on these butterflies. Added some highlights with the help of gesso.



Here I am sharing few final pictures of this antique doll so that you can see all the details.


Hope my this post will help you to alter your old or unused stuffs. Play this month’s blog challenge and show us your creative ideas with Little Birdie Craft Cement.



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By seemasinha

Hi, I am Seema Sinha, a professional artist and a passionate crafter. I love to experiment on my work and love to use different types of art-forms in my projects. Watercolour, doodling, decoupage and mixed media are my favourites. Hope you will like my creative efforts here ☺


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