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it’s me Aangee Shah today on Itsy Bitsy’s blog .

Recently Itsy Bitsy’s home brand Little Birdie launched a new product – Gilding flakes. Whenever a new products comes to the store, so many questions flood our minds….How to use it? What all can we do with it? Is it possible to use it on a particular base or not? Till the time we not find out the answers, the questions keep bothering us. Today I am here to tell you all about this product.

The Gilding flakes come in 2 colors, Gold and Silver. It adds a metallic foil effect to your project. You can use it on various surfaces like wood, paper, chipboard, canvas, on your doodle work, and many more…..
Here, I have few of my experiments to share with you using Gliding flakes.


Some times we like to add some extra interest to our work so the gilding flakes are one of the fastest way to add some shimmer very easily. I took a piece of chipboard shape. Applied some texture tack glue and then used some flakes. I just love that metallic finish!


Are you a doodle artist ? Well I am not. But do you love to add some shine to your doodle work? Then try this. I used a paint brush and texture tack to write a word. Then I applied some flakes on top of it. I removed the extra. Then I used a white pen and did some doodling.  I am sure a doodle artist is going to be in love with the gold and silver gilding flakes.  I am sure you are gonna try the flakes in your next doodling project.


No shape? No base?  Just want to use it randomly? Don’t worry, these flakes will still add a beauty to your work. I took a piece of cardstock and randomly applied some texture tack on it. I then used some flakes and check out my metallic base is all set to shine bright!

So this was all about  the gliding flakes and how you can use it in different projects to add shimmer and interest.  So many ideas must be popping up in your mind…Just try them out!

I sign out for now. Let me know how you liked using Gilding Flakes in your projects.

You can buy these beautiful gilding flakes here.

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