All About Concentrated Watercolor Ink

Hello Creatives,

Kasturi here, back with a super interesting project. This time I am here to tell you about Little Birdie concentrated watercolor inks. I feel this medium is not as explored as watercolors but there is so much potential in this medium. I started using them recently and I am so much in love with all the colors already.

These Little Birdie Concentrated Watercolour Inks are available in 16 shades.  These colors offer great vibrancy, super brightness, they are so pigmented and can be used as traditional watercolors for paintings, calligraphy and illustrations.

They are super easy, and so much fun that you just want to keep exploring.

Let us see a whole tutorial on this medium on how to use it step by step right from the beginning  and create wonderful art pieces.


So don’t wait, visit right now, order these colors and start your art journey with concentrated watercolor ink. please find the link to directly purchase it and don’t forget to use unique code KASTURI5 for some extra discount.





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