Abstract Art with Chalk Paints

Hello all,  Nupur here today!

Have you ever thought of painting on canvas with Chalk Paints?

Yes, you heard it right, canvas painting with chalk paints! That is what I am going to do…

With the new range of Little Birdie Chalk Paints at Itsy Bitsy,  it’s super fun and you get lots and lots of colour choices to play with.

See below what I painted with chalk paints:

Few things before we start:

Since chalk paints are not as fluid as other paint mediums and dry up faster,  you need to keep a water spray handy while painting.

Lets get started:

First, I  drew a random figure on my canvas.

Then created the background with Little Birdie Chalk Paint shades Butternut Squash, Terracotta, Passionate Plum and Salsa Red. You can use the shades you like to suit your layout….there are awesome colours to choose from and you will never run out of shades!

Also with the help of a tissue paper I tried to create some texture (its simple, just the dab tissue paper while your paint is still wet)

Then with the help of a palette knife I directly used the raw chalk paints without adding any water to create some additional texture. Here I used shades like Frozen Ice, Snow, Charcoal and Butternut Squash.

That was all for the background. It was now time to paint the figure.  I used Charcoal, Driftwood, and Butternut Squash to paint my figure.

To add depth to the background, I used Charcoal, Orange Splash, Snow, Tattered Lace to finish up my painting.

Please let me know how you liked the idea of painting with Chalk Paints. This is a new think that I tried and I really loved it! You can also try your hand on a similar project or use new shades of Little Birdie Chalk Paints in any other project and play this month’s Blog Challenge!!

Let me know if you have any queries.

Happy painting till we meet next!


Things I used: 



and ofcourse water ,color plate, pencil and eraser.



  1. Very unique thought process involving chalk paints !
    Great outcome Nupur…thanks so much fo sharing 🙂

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