A Shop Card with the Rotary Cutter

A few days ago, we launched the rotary cutter with mat at our store and I thought I’d take some time to  describe it’s mammoth potential. It’s a cutter ideal for a crafter with space constraints and who doesn’t yet have a cutting mat for her craft work. It comes with a handle and 3 blade options – straight, large wave and smaller wave. I used the large wave blade to make this shop card for my cousin who just had a baby girl.
I’ve seen shop cards on the Internet and I love that cute striped canopy that tops the card for which I used the rotary cutter large wave blade. I added my own touch with the 3D shop counter for the bottom and filled up the ‘shop window’ with oodles of super cute baby girl embellishments from ItsyBitsy. They really are the most adorable little stickers in the world. I finished off the bottom with of the much loved sparkle florettes from ItsyBitsy and added a rim of pearls for a final luscious touch. I have made a tutorial on how to make this card using the Rotary Cutter, so have a look when you can. 
Now the card was 1.5″ thick thanks to the protruding canopy and the counter top. A box envelope wouldn’t do, it had to be a box instead. I didn’t want to make it too ornate, the card was embellished enough. I added these darling little baby footprints for the top and instead of flowers on the top, I decided to add just a couple to each corner of the side. The sentiments are all stickers from ItsyBitsy’s baby girl range.
I’m heading off to Kerala on Saturday to present my cousin with this concoction. It will be really hard to part with it because I seriously love it. Would love to hear your thoughts.
Also, you may have noticed a change in my photo style. I added a few ‘props’ and changed the background to suit my card.  I got inspired by Sindhu of Trapped in Craft – she’s been adding the most wonderful accents to her photographs.


  1. Sunehra… Your shop card is so adorable. Love the colours..they are so soft and pleasing. And the pearls add more beauty to the card and the box. I am always a big fan of Itsy Bitsy's flowers and you used them so well…love every bit of it..

    And I am honoured to be mentioned in your post. Thanks a lot. Your photographs are so well taken always… 🙂

    And as for the challenge, I made three projects this time! 🙂

  2. Omg..!!..Your card box is simply amazing Sunhera..I love the way you have created the 3D look & embellished it so well…Don't know if will ever have the courage to try out something like this..!..Your work is simply awesome! 🙂

  3. Its chhoo cute Sunehra!!!And the colors so well chosen..And the box I truly admire so much,I get a mini-heart attack every time I think of attempting one!!

    I have entered 2 projects for the ongoing challenge,hoping to add one more quick project….am so loving the theme :)!!!


  4. Haha Bips – please drop by our tutorial page to see how to make a box – it's literally super easy. Your submissions are awesome, will be dropping by your blog shortly to drool 🙂

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