A Scrapbook Layout with Ribbons, Doilies and Flowers!

Scrapbooks are a great way to preserve memories for years to come. There are a variety of popular layouts but by far my favorite is an off center frame surrounded by embellishments. I’ve been conceptualizing this arrangement for some time in my head and finally it took shape. 
I started with an adorable pattern paper from Itsy Bitsy and created this ribbon grid effect using the Sew Ribbon tool. The Sew Ribbon tool makes ribbon lacing SO easy and I completed this frame in no time. Then I got to work on the off center frame. I started with one of Itsy Bitsy’s gorgeous doilies… Love love LOVE them and then filled the sides with the never fail Itsy Bitsy embellishments – Boutique Elements flowers. I finished it off with a bright big bow… my speciality and my layout is done. I’m actually quite reluctant to fill the empty space with a photo, it looks so lovely just the way it is! Haha. Here are some close ups of the different elements of the layout.
The gorgeous Boutique Element Flowers

The Pretty Laced Ribbon Effect
The delicate Doily
If you would like to see the Sew Ribbon tool in action, be sure to watch our YouTube video demonstrating how easily you can lace ribbon through paper or card stock. Also we are celebrating Women’s Day with a storewide sale of 20% off. Check out the amazing savings for the supplies I used on this project all provided at the end of this post!
Scrapbooks are great fun because you have a large space to work with and you can incorporate multiple themes, styles and other elements within. Have you done one lately? Would love to have a look. Leave a comment and let us know!
Till then Happy Crafting!
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  1. Your Scrapbook page is just gorgeous Sunhere …loved the way you have weaved the ribbon on the paper …need to check out the video 🙂 ….Your flower arrangement is just fabulous …i just keep staring at it 🙂

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