A Scrapbook for a Baby Girl

I am blessed to be the mother of 2 children and wanted to record every bit of their early lives. There are numerous baby books in the market but I found that they required too much information and never provided enough space for photographs. So for both my children I created a scrapbook which I could customize to my specifications. And of course Itsy Bitsy made it possible.

This was the opening page. I found these adorable little baby bodysuit stickers at itsybitsy.in and slipped them in.

Next was Kyra’s family tree. I used a few craft letters touched up with glitter tubes for the left side of the page and found pictures of all the great grand parents and grand parents for the right side.

I devoted the following section to ‘Preparing for You’. The fact is we spent so much time and attention to the pre-birth phase, it’s only fitting that it finds a place in this scrapbook.

Apart from the names we considered, there were the ultrasound scans, the pictures of a big bellied mama and the baby shower photos. Notice how ‘Papa’s Thoughts’ are quite blank.

Now it was time for the Big Arrival! I wanted the introduction page to be grand and modern. Love the little accents from itsybitsystork sticker, birth certificate and baby foot tag sticker.

On to the hospital photos when our precious little Kyra was first introduced to us. Making my own scrapbook allowed me to pack so many photos in.

My scrapbook is still very much a work in progress. I have oodles more to do and pictures to add. Not to mention pages to include and details to jot down. But all in all it is a labour of love, one that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

Have you put together a scrapbook for your child? We’d love to see it. Leave a link or comment below to tell us more.


  1. Hi Tejal, just saw your blog. It's really fabulous, the album you made for your friend. I'm sure many people would want something like that for their child. Keep crafting!

  2. Thanks Sharada – I just dropped by your blog – your range of craft creations is really fantastic. Have to say scanning through your stuff has inspired me big time. Keep crafting!

  3. Thanks Juhi – Im glad the timeline looks like a timeline – I was thinking in retrospect that was lost. Sure please go ahead and replicate – I'm flattered.


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