A Mixed Media project everyone can try!

Hello everyone Pooja here,

I am back again with a mixed media project. Many people ask me what are the basic products necessary for mixed media and what they should buy to make mixed media projects.  I would like to mention that there are no specific products required for mixed media but I have decided to make a mixed media piece that requires very less products and mediums. You can take a look and get inspired to try out one on these lines….

Now lets have a look how I made mine.

1. First of all you will require pieces of MDF or card stock and tags or some sort of paper that’s hard.

2. Paste them as you wish on the card stock. You can see in the picture below how I have pasted them. After that, I applied Mont Marte gesso over them.

3. Now it’s time to add some texture to the project.  I took some Mont Marte modelling paste on my spatula and started tapping it on some areas as you can see. Its an extremely easy way to get some beautiful textures.

4. Thereafter, I used a leaf stencil from the store to add some more interest to the project with Mont Marte modelling paste.


5. It looked like this after above steps were done.

6. I then used some more tags to create layers on top.  I pasted them as I liked on the base.

7. I mixed some small stones and sand with Mont Marte gel medium and applied this mixture wherever I liked.

8. I created one more board with burlap sheet and card stock pieces and wrapped around some thread and lace. I wanted to paste this at the back of my main project to give it more layer.

9. I used some old things which I had like an old candle stand, a round piece of thick material, an old brush, some beads and an old rakhi. I arranged them on the tags to give some extra texture and for adding some extra beauty. I did some cone work on the round piece with ceramic puffy paint. These cones from the store are perfect for creating different textures. You can use them in many ways to create beautiful designs.  After that I used black gesso over it and did some more stencil work using the script stencil.

Now it looked like this

10. It was now time for adding some colors. I used Gold Alcohol Splash- Midnight Blue for the base. I like these colors because of their glossy finish and great coverage!

After it was dry I did some dry brush shading with different metallic paints like Prussian blue, Teal blast, Mint and Brick Red.  You can see direct links of the colors I have used in the list of supplies used.

you can see how the layering of different colors  pop up the things and the background in step by step pics




some pics in day light

Supplies used


Modelling paste

Metallic paint Prussian blue

Metallic paint mint

Metallic paint red brick

Metallic paint teal blast

Plain burlap cream

Fairy bust rich copper

Leaf stencil

Brick stencil

Script stencil





Black gesso

Ceramic puffy paint white


  1. Wow, you make it look so simple! Thank you for the lovely tutorial pooja. I am yet to try mixed media, and now I am inspired all the more to go ahead.

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