A Dreamcatcher With Little Birdie Colour Splash

Hello everyone I am Shobha Mohata,
As the guest DT I have a beautiful project to share with you all using the vibrant and versatile Little Birdie Colour Splash. Before that, I would like to share a few things about Little Birdie Colour Splash.
Little Birdie Colour Splash are versatile. They come in a range of beautiful colours and can be used for different kinds of projects. The best part is you can just spray them as you please! Although, they work best on paper, but can be used on fabric, glass and MDF with a base coat.
I simply loved working with them.
If you have any doubts about how these colours look on different surfaces, here’s a project that will give you a fair idea. My project today includes various materials. Read along to see the magical effect of these colours!
Step 1 :
Take an embroidery hoop and cover it with the self design net cloth.
Step 2:
Use different shades of Colour Splash of your choice to colour the hoop and net .
Step 3:
Take some foamiran sheets or papers and cut circles of different sizes, draw flowers inside those circles and cut them .
Step 4:
Colour the flower petals using Archival inks/Colour splash / crayons  as you please.
Step 5:
Colour a big sheet randomly, spread some glue then sprinkle some glitter.
Cut thin parallel strips on the sheet, keeping them connected at one end.
Step 6:
Cut some feathers. Colour some chopsticks or bamboo sticks.
Step 7:
Arrange the flowers and chopsticks on the hoop.
Stick half pearls randomly on the net fabric and in a line on the hoop.
Attach the strips at the back of the hoop so that the loose lengths are hanging. Stick the feathers onto it.
The beautiful dreamcatcher is now ready.
Hope you enjoyed the project and try out Colour Splash on materials of your choice. These colours will often surprise you with their versatility!
Materials required for this project are :
Big Embroidery hoop.
Self design Net cloth .
Little Birdie Colour Splash .
Foamiran sheets /paper .
Archival inks.
Glitters .
Craft Glue.
Pearl Stick-ons.


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