A Cute Merino Sheep

Hello Crafters! Today we are going to show you an easy but fun craft project. These easy and simple crafts are great to initiate kids into the creative world of crafts! We try to make these tutorial very detailed so that young children can also follow them easily. Thermocol balls, pompoms and chenille sticks are very versatile crafting materials and there are hundreds of possibilities. Today we are going to make a fluffy little sheep J

For this project you will need following supplies:
  1. Thermocol Ball 4cm – 1pc
  2. Black Chenille stem : 1 pc
  3. Black Pompom 1.5cm – 1pc
  4. White Pompom 3cm– 1pc
  5. Google Eyes: 2 pcs
  6. A scrap of black felt
  7. Silicon Glue
  8. Cutting Pliers or Scissors

Stick the black pompom to the thermocol ball using silicon Glue. stick google eyes to the black pompom
Cut out two ear shaped flaps from the scrap of felt as shown in the picture above. Glue them to the head of the sheep to form ears

Cut chenille stem on 4 equal parts. Shape one end of the chenille stem pieces as per the picture above. This will give hooves to the sheep.

Apply some silicon glue to the other end of the chenille stems and insert them into the thermocol ball as shown to make the legs. The glue once set, will keep the legs stable and chenille stem pieces will not come loose.
Cut up the white pompom to make some fluff.

Apply the glue on the thermocol ball and stick the fluff all around.

 A cute fluffy sheep is ready. Use it for model of a farm or just have fun crafting!

Please let us know what you think of tutorial on our Facebook Page and do send us pictures if you try it.
Happy crafting!

Link for Supplies:
Thermocol Ball:


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