A Beautiful Sun Mandala in Watercolour

Hello, Its Bela here today!

I am super excited about today’s DT post as the subject is very close to my heart. if you know me then you also know that off late I have been very high on Mandalas. Mandala is a form of doodle or zentangle. I have tried a very different mandala this time.

Importance of Mandala

The word Mandala basically means circle and it represents a wholeness in a cosmic diagram that can remind individuals of their direct relation to infinity. A mandala can also symbolize the idea of life energy. The circular design in Mandalas can represent the life force as a whole and how it retains a never ending energy. it can be a tool for spirituality and also used for meditation.

Since I was getting loads and loads of questions about …how I start, how I finish, what products I use to create them I thought of giving a detailed tutorial as my DT post.

So without further ado lets start the process. For the base I have used a beautiful Little Birdie watercolor panel. These panels available at the store are completely handmade with 100% cold pressed paper. I have used 8×8 … however, there are various sizes available at Itsy Bitsy.

First I drew a circle in the center with a pencil and made quite a few equal partition just eyeballing it…. you can also draw one straight and vertical line running through the center and then bisect the angle and get equal parts. These lines are my guide to make symmetrical shapes and perfect size.

I have always been asked if I use stencils or trace my shapes…. so the answer to this is ‘No’…. I use guidelines and then whatever I draw is freehand.  I  then watercoloured it in the shades of the sun. Once I was happy with that, I started building the mandala with an uni ball 0.8mm black pen. I drew  around it by making circles bigger than the previous one. I have kept the design very simple yet intricate (to the eye) as I wanted the focus on the water colored sun. I didn’t do bold lines on purpose. There, my mandala is done!

Once I finished the creating mandala around the sun and reached the edge I thought of adding the black watercolor on the empty areas on the edges. This was a very impromptu decision as I had never done this before and it could backfire. However, I always believe in going with my creative flow otherwise that idea bothers me till I don’t give it a try. I was blown away with that decision. My sun and the mandala both started looking vibrant and it gave an amazing pop to the whole art work.

I am sure you all with agree with me!

Few More Pics:

To make this tutorial better I have a full video. Here’s the link

I hope this post will inspire you to create your own mandala.

Love & Hugs


The products I used from the store are listed below:-


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