5 Super Great Reasons to Shop with ItsyBitsy

Folks I wanted to dedicate a post to the subject because I have been scouring the craft communities and supply sources and found that ItsyBitsy really stands apart as a craft retailer. Some of you may already be aware of this but for the others, I am sure you will be blown away!

1. Oops I Forgot Something!!
Have you ever placed an order and the next day realized you had forgotten something? You don’t want to place another order and get stuck with additional shipping costs. No problem! Just place your second order and choose ‘Store Pick-up’ for delivery. Then in the comment box drop a line saying, ‘Please ship this along with my previous order (and mention your previous order number). Of course if you realize after 2 or 3 days, chances are we’ve already shipped your order in which case this option may not be possible.
2. Free Shipping over Rs. 1500
Is there any other craft supplier offering free shipping over just Rs. 1500? Not that I know of. I don’t know about you but I HATE getting saddled with shipping charges. Thankfully ItsyBitsy offers this feature! 

3. Over 10,000 products
I’m not kidding. ItsyBitsy literally stocks more than 10,000 items and not just for paper crafting but for multiple hobbies. The range for jewelry making is incomparable and art supplies are definitive. General craft items too! I literally go nuts searching for stuff coz it takes more than a week to explore the entire site.

4. ItsyBitsy is so Affordable!
It’s true – the bulk of ItsyBitsy merchandize is Indian made and far more affordable that the alternatives. For example the embossing folders and dies are top notch and so economically priced. Where else can you get cutting dies for Rs. 200. They’ve just launched this accessory cutting pad that works wonders for embossing dies which is just Rs. 59 as compared to the alternative Spellbinders version – Rs. 750.

5. Socially Conscious
I think this is the best thing about ItsyBitsy. Bulk of their items are made by rural women thereby providing much needed employment and empowerment to this segment of society.

Isn’t it fantastic! I wanted to spread the word and look forward to you spreading the love!


  1. Sunehra is the accessory pad you have mentioned required with the big shot? If so in what situations?
    Also when is Itsy Bitsy getting the big shot spare cutting pads…its been showing out of stock for quite some time.

  2. Hi Sonia, the accessory cutting pad can be used with dies that have an embossing feature in them. Like the ItsyBitsy Butterfly Die – it cuts the shape of the butterfly and embosses the designs inside. When you include 2 or 3 sheets of this accessory cutting pad in the Big Shot sandwich, the inside design gets beautifully embossed. Will check on the Big Shot spare cutting pads and get back to you.

  3. Sunhera Dr sonia has just beaten me this very question even i wanted to know if the Accessory pad is compatible with big shot …..I Think I really do need these !!! Thank you so much for this info 🙂

  4. Hi…Hi…
    This is my Order Number: 1498

    Date Ordered: Monday 12 November, 2012
    i just wanted to know the status of my order…is it dispatched or not….pls let me inform also when u dispatch it…

  5. hi sunehra,

    i love to shop at itsy bitsy. the way they handle the packaging is amazing. if something gets missed, they take utmost care to deliver the same to the customer. For online customer like me, Itsy Bitsy is a friendly shopping place.

  6. Thank you so much Sunehra..I saw the girls at your shop using it with cuttlebug but didnt know about its use with the big shot…will wait for your video.
    PS: I got a new computer now and can watch videos without much hassle!!
    I watched your drawer box video—awesome!

  7. Sunhera i also want to know more about accessory cutting pad and like Dr. waiting for cutting pads for my BigShot…eagerly waiting to recieve my order fron Itsy Bitsy !!

  8. Hi Sunehra,

    I had ordered for lots of jewellery making stuff and they're all so so nice. Loved it. Got just one problem, its ts the Mont Marte Air hardenning clay. Though it dries up in the said time which is 24 hours it dors not harden lie earthenware. With moderate finger pressure I was able to break it. I love working with ckay and all the more so with Air Dry as it saves all the time and energy in curing it in the kiln. Please please would you give me a solution for this. I'm dying to make some jewellery.

  9. Hi Sunehra, Placed an order during Diwali time and within 2 days time, it got shipped at my chennai address. Such a quick service at Itsy Bitsy. Am also waiting for the tutorial for accessory cutting pad as am in the plan to buy BG soon.

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