Sculpture Painting Decor

Hello creatives, Srigowri Rajesh is on the blog today to show you how a unique home decor can be created with Little Birdie sculpture paste. Little Birdie sculpture paste is smooth and holds shape well .

Step 1

Take a round MDF base and stick cardboard strips as shown above. I wanted to give a rugged look in the middle. So I tore off the edges.

Step 2

Apply little Birdie gesso and once it dries, apply Little Birdie mixed media paste on it .After it dries, colour the whole board with Little Birdie chalk paints of your choice. Now take Little Birdie sculpture paste in your fingers and apply randomly on the edges of the cardboard.

step 3

With a palette knife scoop the sculpture paste and shape into rose petals. Arrange them accordingly.

Step 4

Finish the rose.

Step 5

On both the sides make single buds with a single petal and roll it.

Step 6

Make leaves with green sculpture paste.

Step 7

In the middle make a blooming bud to enhance the look of the arrangements.

Step 8

Make as many leaves as you want.

Step 9

Finish the project by applying gold wax. That’s all! Your beautiful unique home decor is ready to adorn your wall.


Materials used:

Little Birdie Wooden Decorable 12x12inch, 1pc – Circle

Little Birdie Sculpture Paste 400gm- Rose Blush

Little Birdie Sculpture Paste 160 gm – Sage Green

Little Birdie Share Pack Home Decor Chalk Paint – Salsa Red, 20ml, 6pc

Little Birdie Metallic Wax – Neutral Glaze, 20ml, 1pc

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