Sculpture Painting – Daffodil Bloom


Hello friends, this is Srigowri Rajesh on the blog today to show you all the beautiful home decor with Little Birdie sculpture paste. The newly launched sculpture paste is absolutely amazing to work with. Its texture and durability is top-notch.

Step 1

Take an oval-shaped wooden decorable and apply a coat of Little Birdie chalk paint Snow White.

Step 2

Using a Little Birdie brick stencil and crackle paste create a texture randomly on the board.

Step 3

Once done with the stenciling apply a coat of Little Birdie black chalk paint all over the board.

Step 4

Make the petals using Little Birdie Pineapple Swirl sculpture paste. Here I planned to make daffodil. Accordingly I made the shape of the petal.

Step 5

For the flower center, I mixed the sculpture paste with Little Birdie Gold Color Splash to attain the light orange color. Make a cup shape and insert the pollen.

step 6

Arrange the petals with reference to the daffodil flower. You can mark with a pencil and arrange accordingly.

Step 7

Make the daffodil leaves with Little Birdie sculpture paste Sage green. For this flower, the leaves are lengthy and narrow. Make the calyx for the half bloom flower.

Step 8

Finish the board by applying a metallic wax on top of the textured areas. And that’s it!

Your beautiful unique wall decor is ready to adorn your wall.


Materials used:

Little Birdie Sculpture Paste 160 gm – Pineapple Swirl

Little Birdie Sculpture Paste 160 gm – Snow Spread

Little Birdie Home Decor Chalk Paint 50ml – Snow

Little Birdie Home Decor Chalk Paint 50ml – Charcoal

Little Birdie MDF Designer Base – Oval, 14inch X 22inch


Little Birdie Stencil – Brick, 7.3" X 9.7"

Itsy Bitsy Color Splash 50ml – Gold Rush, 1pc



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