Sculpture Painting Home Decor

Hello creatives, this is  Srigowri Rajesh on the blog today to share a quick yet beautiful sculpture painting project. I have used the versatile, smooth, aromatic LittleBirdie sculpture past

  1. Take the MDF base from the wooden decorable collection from Little birdie and apply chalk paint Charcoal color on it.
  2. Draw a sketch of your own for reference with a pencil. I drew a branch with a few flowers and leaves.
  3. Now scoop Little birdie sculpture paste Rosewood and Midnight. Mix both pastes and apply on the tree branch. Give some textures using a palette knife.
  4. Create leaves using Little birdie Seaweed paste. Kindly check my previous post for reference that how to make a leaf with a palette knife.
  5.  Now make flowers of your choice. I used Rose blush paste to make Apple Blossom flowers. For the pollens, I used Pinaale swirl paste.
  6.  Finally, stick to some quote or words of your choice.

Yay…you are done!

Some closeups:

Materials Used:

Little Birdie Wooden Decorable 8x8inch,5.5mm, 1pc – Square

Sculpture Paste

Mont Marte Palette Knife No.11, 1pc

Little Birdie Home Decor Chalk Paint 120ml – Charcoal




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