3D Lion Head Polymer Clay Mug

Hi all, Nithiya here with my first post for Itsy Bitsy Design Team.
Today I will show you how I made a lion head with “Mont Marte Make ‘N’ Bake” polymer clay and stencils from Itsy Bitsy store on a coffee mug.
Polymer clay is an awesome clay, easily available at Itsy Bitsy. Mont Marte oven-bake polymer clay holds very fine details and one can make anything that one imagines.
I have shared below the sculpting and finishing techniques with pictures and step by step explanation.
#1 – I took a plain white ceramic coffee mug, washed, and dried. Then I took “Mont Marte Make ‘N’ Bake” polymer clay – white, yellow and black. I conditioned them in a pasta machine and arrived at three colours – half white, pale yellow and pale yellow marbled with black.
#2 – I used the pale yellow marbled with black clay to make the lion’s face and made some impressions with my fingers.
#3 – I used the pale yellow and half white clay to make nose and mouth.
#4 – I used black clay and made outlines for eyes, nose and mouth as shown in the image.
#5 – With the help of “Mont Marte clay tool set“, I added some details to the face.
#6 – I made two layers of mane and sculpted it with pen knife.
#7 – Crucial Phase: I coloured it with some soft pastels and diluted acrylic paints.
#8 I baked it at 120 degree Celsius in an oven for about 30 minutes.
#9 – I used the stencils “Dragonflies” and “Mosaic” and stenciled the other side of the mug with some acrylics mixed in modelling paste. I cured the same in the oven for another 15 minutes.
#10 – I used Little Birdie resin and sealed the lion, dragon flies and mosaic to make it wash proof.
Some pictures of the finished coffee mug.
Materials used:
9. Mosaic stencil
10. Resin
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See you all with another project!

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