Mosaic Planter – Ft. Stone Texture Paste

Hello Beautiful People!

Manasa Priya here on Itsy Bitsy’s blog today with a fun, pretty, and  useful DIY for you guys. Join along!

I have moulded a planter using Little Birdie Craft Cement and a large plastic bowl. I placed a 1″ smaller bowl inside it to make room for the plant. Let it dry overnight and the base was ready.

Now Itsy Bitsy has beautiful pre-cut glass mirrors and stained glass in various shapes and colors. They come really handy for creating mosaic designs. I added them in a regular pattern to form my design in mirrors and blue stained glass.

Next, I painted the base of the planter with the chalk paint Lagoon Blue and added washi tapes in two lines to add my texture paste.

It’s time to fill in the star of this month…  ‘Stone Texture Paste‘ in between the washi tapes to form a band around, when the tapes are peeled.

Stone Texture Pastes come in various colors and are super fun to use in your projects. Let it dry overnight so it cures completely

Coming to the empty space where the mirrors and glass are stuck and completely dry. I mixed some grout and filled in and once semi dry, cleaned off the mirrors. You can use Plaster of Paris as well.

Added some Stone Texture Paste over the rim of the planter as well to finish it off.

And my beautiful and light reflecting planter is ready to adorn my balcony garden. I hope you like this DIY and would give it a try. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time.. ❤

Here is the list of all the products used to make this project

Craft Cement



Chalk paint

Stone texture paste

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