Dream Cut – Manual Embossing & Die Cutting Machine

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This is Tanvi & I am here with a very special product today – the newly launched DREAM CUT, the first die cutting machine brought to you by an Indian company! 
I have been playing around with this for a few days now & am loving its sleek & compact design & let me tell you it is compatible with most dies! Isn’t that wonderful!
Some distinct features of the Dream Cut – 
  1. Body is made up of high impact Polymer with smooth edges for easy handling.
  2.  The platform & the frame is made of high quality, non – corrosive Alloy.
  3. The cog wheels ( gears ) are made of high speed steel for durability & rough use.
  4. The gear tips are smoothened to give excellent user experience.
  5. The Roller diameter is larger than many other standard machines to increase the point of contact with the cutting die which enables to get a superior cut quality.
  6.  Roller mounts are designed to give a bit of cushion which helps in proper pressure distribution on the cutting die.
  7. High precision in the Casting & Assembly of this unit will last a long time compared to other machines.
  8. The cutting plates are made of moulded Acrylic which has self-healing properties compared to Acrylic sheets which are used in other machines.
  9.  The Bevelled edges of the cutting plates is a great feature which puts slow pressure on the Rollers & really gives you a Dream Cut experience!
  10. This machine is designed for crafters & promises to give an ultimate user experience!
  11. Spare parts & support from Itsy Bitsy will be made available.
  12. The icing on the cake is the pocket friendly price.
The Dream Cut comes with
REMEMBER these points & you can never go wrong with your cutting sandwich
*The white base platform plate ‘A’ is NOT the cutting surface
*Plate ‘C’ is thicker than Plates ‘B’
*Plates ‘B’ & ‘C’ both have bevelled edges
*Both the plates ‘B’ are of the same thickness
*By using the right combination of the plates ‘B’ & ‘C’ most standard dies can be used in the Dream Cut
*When using intricate dies add one or two layers of the accessory cutting pads to act as a shim
Here is a video, an answer to many queries regarding its cutting & embossing feature – 

Along with the Dream Cut Itsy Bitsy also introduces 3D dies in four designs to create fun & magical party decor in minutes.

Here are some images of the product launch party decor using these dies –

The Dream Cut is available online (remember it comes with free shipping) & can be purchased here or visit your nearest store.
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