3 ‘Must Have’ Tools for Crafters

As any crafter knows and probably experienced, without the right tools, a crafting experience can go from dream to nightmare. Your work will not turn out how you imagined, the satisfaction you get from creating it will be minimal and most likely, you will stop crafting. This post is dedicating to 3 must-have craft tools every crafter should have. Best of all, they’re all available at ItsyBitsy.in.

1. A Cutting Mat 
During one of my craft projects, I failed to use a cutting mat while cutting a piece of chip board. A
few minutes later, my dining table was irretrievably scarred. I spent the next few days hurriedly placing a table mat over the damaged portion so that my husband wouldn’t see the wreckage. At first opportunity I purchased a cutting mat and now I find they are useful in multiple ways. First of course, they protect your table top. Then because of the convenient gridlines provided, I was able to cut lines straighter, faster and easier than before. There are a variety of cutting mats available at ItsyBitsy.in.
The crafter’s magnetic one is genius – it works well with the magnet circle cutter and the magnetic twist trimmer and ensures that neither your tool nor the paper will slip. Here’s a video of how it works.

That said, it’s heavy on the wallet which is why ItsyBitsy.in also stocks the regular non-magnetic self healing cutting mats, perfectly suitable for any craft project.

2. A Paper Trimmer
A paper trimmer is great to cut straight lines smoothly and professionally. Using a scissor just won’t give you the finish you want which is why a paper trimmer is a great accessory. ItsyBitsy.in stocks the We R Memory Keepers Twist Trimmer. I have this myself and can’t tell you how overjoyed I am. Firstly it is really sleek and functional. Just place the ruler with blade on the project and slide down to trim. It comes with 8 blades to offer a variety of trim options. You can create straight, deckle, wavy, stamp, scallop and pinking edges. There is also a scoring and perforating blade allowing you to fold card projects neatly or create rip off pieces. Love it! love it! LOVE IT! Watch this video to see what I mean. 

3. A Trusted Glue Gun
Nothing glues things down like a glue gun. Hot melted adhesive bonds practically everything as it dries up. Great for all kinds of projects that need a quick, mess free fix. ItsyBitsy.in has a great version, which comes with 2 hot melt sticks. Refill melt sticks are available at the online store. I recently used my glue gun to make a chart for my son’s class. He is learning the letter ‘B’ so we glued all kinds of things to chart – a TT ball, a brush, a box – and everything stayed on firmly!

Do you have any of these tools? What is your opinion. Leave a comment and tell us!

17 Replies to “3 ‘Must Have’ Tools for Crafters”

  1. I have a cutting Mat and i agree with you it is definitely a must have tool ..your paper trimmer sounds Great that will be on my wish list for sure and so will the glue gun…i think its one of the must have's too!!!

  2. The trimmer is totally dreamy. I literally dream about projects I can use it for. Glue gun – I've been hunting for that for maybe 15 years. So glad these tools are available in India now.

  3. honestly these are must haves
    i have my fiskars trimmer and sometimes i feel like a handicap without it ..
    cutting mat saves all the mess and scratches which can happen on my glass table ( my mother kills me for that )
    ahh .. without glue gun ..i wonder what will i do .. just heavy flowers they stick perfectly !

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